President Obama’s First Move To Nationalize The oil Industry!

  Tonight during the President’s(HISTORIC) address to the nation from the Oval Office. Historic is not my word , but one I heard used on the news. Look for this to be the beginning of the push to takeover the oil industry, much in the same way he took over the banking industry. We will hear how it is too dangerous to allow these “PRIVATE” companies to run themselves. We will hear that we must force these “BIG OIL” companies to stop producing oil and to start building windmills in the oceans.
 Look for the President to be accusatory and little more. When George Bush expressed regret and sympathy, you felt it was genuine. At least Bill Clinton could fake sincerity. I look for this address to be about telling the American people how he and the Federal government plan on punishing PB in particular, and the oil industry in general.
 We will hear lots of words like historic disaster, and catastrophic.
 We will be told all of the things that the Federal government will do in the way of law suits and regulations to insure that this never happens again. And of course he will mention by name, one or two of the people who have been directly effected by the spill. Forgetting of course all of the people and families that will be negatively effected by the moratorium on offshore drilling.

  This address tonight will be about Pres. Obama playing to his radical leftist environmental base. He will speak of the scope of the disaster and how it can never be allowed to happen again. And then he will tell us how this is exactly why we must give up our standard of living and why we must decide to pay higher energy bills. I also expect this to be his chance to make a big push for the new carbon taxing legislation making its way through the Senate.

 The President will tell us that we must tax the “BIG ENERGY ” companies, so that we can pay for the renewable energy that will keep this from happening again. The President will tell us that we can only achieve energy independence by forcing the American people to pay more for their energy, to the point that all of the alternative energy, that is un-reliable and expensive, suddenly starts to look good.

  We will hear that BP will not be allowed to pay out dividends to their shareholders. This will affect innocent families and seniors. We will again hear how much BP CEOs make in bonus money and how until they have paid for the clean-up and repaid everyone in the GULf region for the impact of the accident, that no bonuses should be paid. This will be the same contract breaking ideology we saw in the banking takeover.

  I believe we can look tonight for the exact same strategy we saw during the nationalizing of the banking and auto industries. The same as we heard that those industries were too big to fail, tonight we will be told that the oil industry is too big to be allowed to operate without some sort of direct government oversight. Not in the form of regulations alone, but I would not be surprised that the President appoints a new OIL CZAR! Who would have final say in any new drilling and exploration. Who would have the authority to impose penalties without congressional oversight, much in the way the EPA has been allowed to create what amounts to laws, without going through the constitutional process of creating laws.

  This is just the type of “CRISIS” that the President and his legion have been waiting for, so that they can convince the American people, that only Pres. Obama can save the pelicans.


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  1. Peter Reynolds Says:

    This is how he’s seen from the UK. Despite everything, for now, I still believe in him.

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