Castle And Trade!

   I like many of you just finished watching the President lay out his plans in general terms on how he intends to punish BP for the Gulf oil spill. But more importantly, how he intends to take over the oil industry.

  He spoke of the need for legislation to move the country towards so-called clean energy. This will no doubt include the carbon taxing legislation now in the Senate. This legislation is just another version of cap-and-trade.

  And I don’t care what you call it, cap-and-trade, carbon taxing, or what it really is, destroying the American energy system. This idea that we can tax one industry out of business , just so we can start another to replace it, goes against the very principles of capitalism. The market has always been driven by need. To artificially create that need will only lead to higher energy prices in the near future and most likely the complete collapse of the energy system in the long-term.

  So over the next few days as you are hearing this speech being dissected and you begin to understand the consequences of what the President is proposing, I want all of you GOP voters to remember that Mike Castle voted for cap-and-trade. I want you to remember how in this video he avoided answering why he had voted for cap-and-trade. And I want you to have no doubt that if he is elected to the Senate, he will vote for carbon taxing, on that you can rely.


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  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,check out The Drudge Report and the response by Charles Krauthammer. I was even more shocked to even read about what Keith Oberman and Chris Matthews had to say as well. I can only encourage that those who read this look at that site and make your own comment on it.
    I don’t ever recall a president beginning to implode as Obama seems to be doing now. I remember the Jimmy Carter days when I was an idealistic,somewhat impressionable college student at the time. But as I posted in an earlier blog,and thanks,Frank,for providing this excellent forum for us to express thoughts and ideas; I always verified information before I would accept it as fact.
    Where was the energy policy that was supposed to come as a result of the Arab oil embargo of the 70’s? It seems like President Obama is giving us a lot of words with no substance like the Carter administration did.
    How long have we heard about “green” energy? If it’s so great,why isn’t there more of it? Because it’s so incredibly expensive. If you talk to any solar panel companies,the cost to have those panels installed is staggering. In addition,it takes years to recover those costs.
    Sure, “green” energy is a good idea and it’s a warm and fuzzy way of not dealing with the real problem that our country faces now.
    What about nuclear power? I’m for it and it’s a clean source of energy. Yes,I know that spent fuel rods pose a problem but France has been using nuclear power for years. Works for them,why not us?
    Does President Obama think taxing more to oil and gas companies will solve the problem? He thinks so but that only drives the cost up and it will cost jobs and kill our economy.
    Open up the on shore drilling sites as those are safer than off shore rigs.
    Take a look at the oil rigs in the North Atlantic,it seems they don’t have any problems.

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