Pres. Obama Wants $80 Billion Stimulus Package

  Pres. Obama is calling for another $80 billion  to be spent on stimulating the economy. Really? Haven’t we been down this road? This new package would add $31 billion to the already $1.6 trillion deficit for this year. The rest would be offset by tax increases on hedge funds, there we go again punishing the investors.

  The bill would again extend un-employment benefits. Now there is some good thinking to encourage people to get out and work.

  The President also supports  a separate  measure that would provide cash for states, to prevent teacher layoffs. No hidden agenda there! A previous version of that measure was defeated. It was asking for $23 billion.

  So the old Democrat and moderate leftist answer to everything is spend , spend  and spend. And if you goals are not achieved by spending , well then spend some more.

  The previous stimulus bill of $863 billion did little if anything to stimulate the private economy, it did however create a lot of new government jobs. Extending un-employment benefits does zero to put people back to work and in fact has the opposite effect.

  So in the world of the liberals, when something is not working, what do you do? why you double down on your mistakes, of course.

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