Sanctions? We Don’t Care About your Stinking Sanctions!

 On Wednesday the U.N. Security Council passed its fourth sanction resolution aimed at curtailing Iran’s nuclear production. The resolution and its sanctions had the endorsement of U.S. President Obama.

  Well it would seem as if Iran is quaking in their sandals. They responded by announcing that they will begin construction of another uranium enrichment facility by March of next year. The Iranian government has approved ten new facilities to be built that can process uranium gas into nuclear fuel, trouble is it can also be used for weapons.

  But we can all rest easy because our President and that oh so effective United Nation organization has put into place tougher sanctions. That’ll show those pesky Iranians.

 Let’s see, we have a nation that is openly hostile towards the United States and Israel, that is known to support and finance terrorism around the region and the world. They are currently producing nuclear material, that in its most basic form could be used as dirty bombs, and the U.N. and Pres. Obama are shuffling paper around in the form of worthless resolutions to put in place worthless sanctions.

  Well won’t those tougher sanctions be a great comfort when New York City and or Tel Aviv are glowing in the dark?

  As we saw leading up to the Iraq War, U.N. resolutions mean nothing to these types of mad men. And with such a weak president in office they mean even less, if there is no fear of real action being taken to stop the production.

  Maybe Pres. Obama could go on a national tour promoting his sanction initiative. I mean his national tour for promoting his jobs initiative has done so much to create jobs. Maybe he could jump on Airforce One and fly to Iran and deliver a moving speech directly to the Iranian leaders. I’m sure that they could not resist his soaring rhetoric and moving prose.

  Well that may have to wait, the President is rather busy right here at home destroying our health care system and economy. And he still has a lot to do so he can take over the oil industry and ruin that also.


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