Influence And Seniority

  Lately I have been asking myself a question, that I would assume a lot of Mike Castle’s supporters are asking themselves. If they aren’t, maybe they should be.

   The question is, why would a man who has shown no inclination to run for so-called higher office in the last seventeen years, suddenly at the age of seventy-one, decide to run for the U.S. Senate?

   You have to believe that Mr. Castle’s supporters must wonder why after serving so long in the U.S. House of Representatives,where I might add he is one of the ranking members, on one of the most important committees,the House Financial Services Committee. Let’s face it, whether you like Mr. Castle’s politics or not, you have to admit, he is a very powerful member of the House.

  So why would someone give up all of that influence and seniority in the House , that they had worked so hard to earn over seventeen years, and trade it, to become a freshman senator at what would seem to be the end of their career?

  Well Mr. Castle has already been involved in what is known in Delaware as “THE SWAP”. The swap refers to when Mike Castle left the governorship and ran for Representative, and then Representative Carper ran for governor.

  Could it be that Mr. Castle is setting up another “SWAP”? Is it his intention to warm the seat for Buea Biden for four years and then step aside? Or is this a simple case of legacy building? Is Mr. Castle only interested in padding his resume?

  Since he is a little long in the tooth to be looking towards the presidency, one would have to assume  that if he were able to win the senate race, it would be his highest achievement in his oh so long political career.

  So I’ll put this out there for all of those Mike Castle supporters. At a time in our nation, when our economy is in such dire straits,and if you believe that Mike Castle is such a great political leader,wouldn’t you expect him to stay where he could have the most influence by using his seniority on the House Financial Services Committee, instead of running off to be a freshman Senator?

 So again I ask the question. Does Mike Castle have the best interest of the nation in mind, or is he just a political opportunist?


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