New Member To Team Christine


  Christine O’Donnell made a pass through Sussex County today to meet with some of the locals.

    The lady pictured with Christine above is Judy Mangini. Judy is a bit of a local celebrity around the Rehoboth, Lewes area. Judy has produced several CDs of Christmas music for local release and has been a guest on The Bill Colley Show on WGMD. She has been active in her community and runs a yearly cookie drive that sends cookies at Christmas time, to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  Judy is a person who doesn’t take on causes lightly. She is outspoken and speaks her mind. She is a person who, once she has set her mind to something, she won’t let up until she has seen it through.

  Most telling about Judy is the fact that she is registered as an independent, so she won’t be able to vote in the primary. But she feels strongly enough that Christine O’Donnell is the right person to be the next U.S. Senator from the state of Delaware, that she has agreed to do all that she can to help the Christine O’Donnell campaign to win the GOP primary and then the general election.

  Judy Mangini is the perfect example of the type of independent voters that will be needed to win the general election against Chris Coons. Judy feels  like many independents, that it is about the candidate , not the party. She believes that it is time to put an end to politics as usual. And she feels that Ms. O’Donnell is the right person to defeat Mike Castle and then Chris Coons.

  It is this type of grass-roots , volunteer driven campaign, that will be able to defeat the silver spoon candidate Mike Castle. He may have the big money from all of his lawyer friends and banking interest. But with people like Judy Mangini backing her, Christine O’Donnell has the power of the ordinary people. I’ll take a Judy Mangini over a lawyer any day.

  I can’t close without taking credit for putting the O’Donnell team in contact with Judy. I believe with her sort of dogged determination, she will be a real asset to Team Christine. Welcome aboard Judy and go get’em.


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  1. Judy Says:

    Frank, thanks so much for the kind words!! Just wanted to let you know that a Meet and Greet will take place for Christine at The Cheese Chalet on July 20 from 7-8. They are located in The Shoppes of Limestone Hills in Wilmington. Please pass this on and let your fellow bloggers know and spread the word. Let’s show her our support!! Look forward to seeing you there!!

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