Obama Backed U.N. Sanctions On Iran, Little More Than A finger Wag

                                                                         Barack Obama

  The U.N. has passed new and “TOUGHER” sanctions against Iran, in response to Iran continuing to manufacture weapons grade nuclear material. The latest sanctions have the backing of Pres. Obama.

  In a statement the President said that Iran has chosen to act in a way that is un-acceptable to the rest of the world and that these latest U.N. sanctions were intended to drive Iran to seek a more diplomatic solution.

  Iran has already released a statement calling the sanctions nothing more than, “annoying flies”.

  It would seem that Pres. Obama is still of a mind that you can somehow reason or negotiate with radical Islamist. It would seem that the President and many of the countries in the U.N. feel that Iran will cave , if only we put enough sanctions upon them.

 First let me say that sanctions can have an effect on nations who care about their citizens, nations that are responsive to the will of their people. Iran is neither of these. These sanctions will only hurt the people of Iran, not the leaders of this Islamist dictatorship.

  What these continuing sanctions do give the Islamist dictatorship of Iran, is more time to complete the manufacturing of nuclear material.

  We have seen in N. Korea , that to allow these types of governments to act out with no real consequences, that they will continue to escalate their aggressive actions. In N. Korea’s case they sank a S. Korean ship. And what did the U.S. Secretary of State say? That it was an act of aggression, no Madame Secretary, it was an act of war!

  This administration is weak. Either purposely or due to incompetence. In either case it puts the United States at risk from our enemies. If they perceive us as weak and have no fear of retaliation, then they will escalate their efforts to destroy us.

  One must take also into account the administration’s attitude towards Israel when asking the questions about how the administration is dealing with radical Islamist states like Iran.

  On Wednesday Pres. Obama called on Israel to limit its blockade of Gaza. So as the administration is calling for sanctions that won’t work against Iran, he is asking our most important ally in the mid-east to lower their guard and to allow un-checked shipments into Gaza, a place that is the staging ground for attacks aimed at destroying Israel. And by the way the President also announced after a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, that the United States would be sending a four hundred million dollar aid package to Gaza.

Abbas welcomed the $400 million aid package, which will go for things like creating jobs and improving access to drinking water,so I guess this is Pres. Obama’s Gaza version of the stimulus package.

  One has to question the thought process behind these two courses of action in the middle east. They would seem to be counter productive. While attempting to rein in one terrorist state through sanctions, the administration is sending support to another terrorist organisation, who is intent on destroying our ally Israel.

  Again, these policies are either purposeful or a sign of gross incompetence.


2 Responses to “Obama Backed U.N. Sanctions On Iran, Little More Than A finger Wag”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,how much more of this incompetent,no backbone “leadership” must we take? It looks like we’re stuck with this president,and I use that term lightly, for 3 more agonizing years.
    An act of aggression on the sinking of that South Korean ship by the North? I thought Madame Secretary was intelligent? What’s her thought process by making a statement like that?
    I also heard Madame Secretary talking about the “newer,tougher sanctions on Iran.” HUH?
    You think for one minute that “Hitler of Iran” actually cares? Or does “dear leader” in North Korea gives a hoot about the UN? OF COURSE NOT? It only hurts the people.
    Look at what the sanctions have done to Cuba! NOTHING,only the people have suffered. How long have those sanctions been in place? I think maybe 45-50 YEARS!
    I applaud Israel for what they do. They’re in a fight for their lives every single day. If you may have seen the video of the Israeli soldiers repelling onto that “aid” ship. They were attacked and one soldier was thrown overboard.
    Israel CANNOT let their guard down for one second,because if they do,it will end their existence.
    Come on,President Obama! Show the world who we really are….leaders of the FREE world…
    A nice thought,isn’t it?

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Well Bill, we have to put up with this at least until November. That is when we have the chance to pull his teeth in congress. Without a congress that is at his beck and call he will be less of a threat, at least here at home. On the international stage we will have to deal with him in 2012. This is why it is so important to elect true conservatives to congress like Glenn Urquhart and Christine O’Donnell.

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