Mike Castle, Experienced? Or Washington Insider ?

   When you listen to the supporters of Rep. Mike Castle talk about why he should be the GOP nominee for the U.S Senate, you often hear them talk of his years of experience.

  It is true that Mr. Castle is an experienced politician. He has been in public service for more than half of his life. He has been in, or working to be in, a public office since 1965. That is forty-five years, that is a lot of experience no doubt.

  Mr. Castle has served as Deputy Attorney General for the state of Delaware, he has served as a Delaware State Representative, a State Senator, Lt. Governor and Governor for the state of Delaware. And since 1993 he has been the state of Delaware’s Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives.

  Now of course there are those out there, that will see seventeen years in Washington as a reason to send him back as our Senator. They will say we need his experience , and his knowledge of how D.C. works.

  But there are also those of us who see those seventeen years as a good reason to not send him back. When we look at those seventeen years in D.C. , we see a Washington insider. We see someone who has been there too long and been a part of too much that is wrong with the way D.C. operates.

 We see a public official with a sense of entitlement, that believes that the seat he holds, is his seat and not that of the people. We see a public official that has been known for voting for legislation that goes against the GOP principles of  limited government and personal Liberty. We see Mike Castle, who was selected as the Most liberal Representative in the U.S. House.

  When we look at Rep. Castle’s seventeen years in Washington, we see a public official that has the arrogance of a person who feels that he is no longer responsible to those he was elected to represent. Who feels he no longer must reflect the will of the people.  He has shown with his votes on issues such as TARP and cap-and-trade that he is not fiscally conservative on how this nation should be moving forward. And he is completely out of touch with the socially conservative base of the GOP. When we look at Mr. Castle’s seventeen years we see a public official that now votes as he wishes and not as the people would have him vote.

  What we need are fresh faces in Washington, with fresh ideas. We need people who are ready to do battle with the Democrats and the moderate leftist of the GOP. We surely don’t need people who wish only to compromise with the very people and ideas that we seek to defeat. And most of all we do not need to repeat for even one year, the mistakes and wrong-headed voting record of Mike Castle.

  This is why I believe, that this Sept 14th in the GOP primary, it is imperative that we send a loud and clear message, that we will no longer settle for the same old , same old, from the life long Washington insiders like Mike Castle. That we will demand real change and real conservative values. That we will hold our public officials responsible to the people who elect them.

 We are seeing this attitude being played out in primaries and special elections  across the nation.

 That is why I believe that we must nominate and then elect Christine O’Donnell to be our next U.S. Senator from the great state of Delaware.


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