Christine O’Donnell’s Money Bomb !!!

  The Christine O’ Donnell  campaign will be running its first money bomb on Face Book Tuesday night starting at midnight and running for twenty-four hours . Here is a link to the page, please join in and give what you can.  We can take this country back from those who would usurp our Liberty. We can do this by sending people like Christine O’Donnell to the U.S. Senate. But she needs our support. I have personally given one hundred dollars to the campaign and I hope to give more in the future, that is how important I believe this race is, that is how important I think it is to defeat not only Mike Castle in the GOP primary on Sept. 14th, but also to defeat Chris Coons the Democrat in November. Show Christine that you believe in the things that made this nation great, show her that you believe that she is the best choice to be the next U.S. Senator from Delaware.


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