As I Sat And Watched

  On Thursday evening I was blessed to be in attendance as my daughter graduated from high school. I listened as the class president told of her experiences in high school . Then the salutatorian and valedictorian gave their speeches.

  Of course like most parents, I suspect, I was a little distracted during these speeches. I was searching out my own child in the group. Then I was sitting there thinking back over the years.

  The first time I held her. The first time she spoke a word that I could understand, the day I taught her to ride her bike without the training wheels.

  I remembered all of the honor roll assemblies I had been to. I never missed a single one. I thought of all of the times that she had struggled with some new math formula, but never gave up.

  I thought of all of the days, over all of the years, that had brought her and my wife and myself to this milestone moment. And like all parents, I choked up on the pride I felt as I heard her name called and watched as she walked across that small stage at the end of the football field.

  Now graduating from high school is a huge moment for both parents and child. And even so, it is only the beginning . My daughter will now go on to college with the intention of becoming a teacher. I hope to be there four years from now, again watching as she passes another milestone moment.

 I have promised  not to use her name in my alternative life here in the blogosphere, so I will only say that I am the proud father of a hard-working , independent thinking, intelligent young woman. And I could not be prouder of the person she has become.

 I know that there are thousands of young people out there just like my daughter, and they are just as hard-working and independent as she is. They are our future and our hope. But we must leave them a world that is better than we found it. We must not allow this nation to fall so far , that even with all of their hard work and independence of spirit, that they will not be able to succeed in their endeavors. We must set the example of hard work , and we must show the independent spirit that built this great nation. We must teach them that to stand on your own is the American way. That the Founders of this nation intended for every person to have the same opportunities, but that this was no guarantee of success. That success comes only through hard work and determination.

  So it is my hope and my prayer, that all of the students of the Class of 2010 and especially my daughter, will put forth the effort and to show the determination, to not only succeed, but to inspire others to succeed.


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  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,even though I don’t children, I agree in trying to leave this country in better shape for these young people. We have to be careful when they go to college with their young,impressionable,idealistic minds they don’t become indoctrinated with the liberal trash that seems to permeate academia.
    I graduated from UMass in 1982 but had already been taught by my parents that always verify anything before you accept it as fact.
    I grew up as a conservative in the MDR (Massachusetts Democratic Republic) and there were a few of us there.
    We felt as if we were surrounded by a bunch of liberal fruitcakes some of which were friends of mine. Believe it or not,we are still friends. Close friends, I usually don’t discuss politics and those that share the same ideology, we’ll talk about it.
    I know that college kids think the world is great. Their ideological thinking is refreshing but they have to be cautious.
    Don’t get caught up in the liberal rhetoric from Columbia,NYU,Harvard and all the other liberal bastions of socialist thinking.
    Your daughter sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders and I applaud you in her upbringing.
    Sometimes,this generation doesn’t get enough credit for their intelligence.
    Some people thought that when Elvis was gyrating his hips,the world was coming to an end. Or when the 60’s “anti-establishment” nitwits were running around in their drug induced haze, we got through that,too!
    My impression of this upcoming generation is that they’ve had enough of all the garbage that they’ve bombarded with.
    We’ll be fine. Your daughter will be fine and the USA will be stronger than ever……

  2. Andrew Jackson Says:

    Frank – – I’d like to send you an email directly – do you have an email address I can use? Thanks, Andrew Jackson

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