Clear Choices

  What we the voters here in Delaware want more than anything, is clear choices. We want candidates that don’t all seem the same.

   And when you start talking about conservative voters , well what we want are candidates that don’t seem like Mike Castle and the Democrats he votes with so often.

  In the up coming primary, we have a clear choice between the same old moderate leftist, Mike Castle. And the clearly conservative candidate Christine O’Donnell.

  Ms. O’Donnell offers the rank and file GOP voters a chance to be a part of history. We can finally vote for a national candidate that will hold to true conservative values and principles. We can change the course of the Delaware GOP, that has been tacking left for far too long. We can say no, to the moderate leftist faction within the party.

  And once we have booted Mike Castle, then it will be time to convince people that the Democrat leftist must be defeated, if we are to right the course that America has been on for far too long also.

  So to all of my fellow conservative within the GOP. Remember the date Sept. 14,2010, to vote in the GOP primary. And when you vote make the clear choice for the future,vote Christine O’Donnell.

  And by the way, send the campaign all that you can afford. They can’t do it without your support.


4 Responses to “Clear Choices”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank, Christine O’Donnell was at the 9-12 Delaware Patriots meeting last night and explained why she’s running. She was terrific! I had the opportunity to speak with her briefly and she was very gracious.
    She has my FULL support and whatever I can afford to send to her campaign may not be much,but it will be something…….

  2. Scott Says:

    I wish I went to that meeting, last night! I read Chris Slavens’ article about her speech, this morning. Hopefully, there will be an online video of the speech, soon!

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Bill, and Scott I wish I could have gone to the meeting also, but my daughter was graduating from high school that night. I believe that the more people have the chance to be in a room with Christine and here her speak, the more support she will receive.

  4. Bill Says:

    Scott,I didn’t see any type of video equipment at the meeting. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a video of it.
    I do have to say there were at least 100+ people at the meeting Thursday night. Good showing…..

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