President Obama’s Clean Up

 As the oil continues to flow in the Gulf , from the wrecked oil rig, President Obama and his administration are vowing to prosecute any and all who were responsible for this accident.

  The president has said that his administration will see to it, that anyone who acted in a criminal manner , will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  Sounds good huh? Sounds right? Well in my view what the first priority should be, is how do we stop the oil from flowing? The president needs to be sending people down there with technical expertise in oil rigs and clean up.

  Instead the President is sending down lawyers. He has sent U.S. Attorney General Eric holder down to the Gulf. For what purpose? Well to point fingers no doubt.

  Unless Mr. Holder intends to put on some rubber gloves and start picking up tar balls, I’m not sure what good him being down there will do right now. There will be plenty of time to figure out who knew what and when after the flow has been shut off.

 Now let me put on my tin foil hat for a second. We are all aware that BP contributed more to the campaign of President Obama than any other single candidate. There are also reports that BP received some exemptions on safety regulations shortly after Pres. Obama took office. So maybe Mr. Holder is actually down there to do some clean up work after all.

  I am not usually one to call for congressional hearings, I find them  mostly for show. But when we have such a corrupt president in office , who has appointed known communist and the like to cabinet positions, we cannot allow his people to be in charge of the investigation. When the President has received large campaign contributions from BP, we cannot allow his people to be in charge of the investigations.

  Now before everyone starts telling me what I already know, about the current make-up of congress and how the Democrats and moderate Republicans won’t hold fair hearings, well I know that.

  That is why, again I say how important it is to elect conservatives into congress. We need, now more than ever,elected officials who have not been a part of the back stairs dealing that Washington has been so well-known for in the past.

 We need candidates that will raise the standards in Washington, not just more of the same.

 When we have a President who is being accused of offering administrative positions in order to fix elections and while there is the possibility of the President being involved in allowing this oil disaster to occur as a repayment of contributions to his campaign, well this is exactly the time when we must send people to congress who owe no favors to anyone. We need new people with new ideas. We need people who don’t have thirty years of back scratching experience.

  We must, as voting citizens realize it is up to us to create the change that we were promised. We do this by electing conservatives such as Christine O’Donnell for Senate, and we do this by making the hard choice between Urquhart and Wade for the U.S. House. It is by electing conservatives that we stand our best chance of pulling the car out of the ditch. We don’t do it by allowing the same drunk with power fools who drove us down in the ditch, to continue to drive the car.


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