Too Much Regulation?

   As the oil continues  to flow from the leak one mile below the surface of the water in the Gulf, the question should be asked, is the amount of regulations, actually hindering the task of stopping and then cleaning up the spill?

   Too often in a case such as this, the first reaction, especially of those who are more inclined in the first place, is to call for more regulation.

  Now of course it can be said that if there had been more regulation to begin with the accident might never have happened. Well let us not confuse regulation with enforcement. There are plenty of safety regulations in place at this time. The problem seems to have been that there was a lapse in enforcing those regulations.

  It would seem that the administration in Washington is all too ready to take advantage of this crisis, and to pass even more regulations. It would seem to me, that this is merely an attempt by Pres. Obama to take control of another private industry, one I might add that he has shown nothing but contempt for.

  The fact that Pres. Obama is clearly biased against the oil industry is fairly well-known around the nation.  His desire to take control of the oil industry and then to ruin it could explain his failure to act quickly and decisively in working to control the situation in the Gulf.

  Also let us look at the fact that the federal government has failed to give permission to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to attempt to protect that state’s wet lands, by creating man-made sand bars, that would catch the oil before it could reach the sensitive areas. The state is blocked from acting on its own due to, that’s right you guessed it, federal regulations.

  And lastly, how many times during this crisis have we heard that BP has had to ask either this government agency or that one permission before they could try the next technique to staunch the flow of oil? How many additional hours of oil flow have been added to the crisis due to waiting for some  government wonk to decide if it should be tried or not?

  At this point I say that any and all techniques should be tried and as fast as possible. The President should suspend all regulations concerning this particular rig and allow BP a free hand to stop the flow. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that BP, more than anyone wants this oil to stop flowing. BP is losing millions of dollars an hour in oil and will spend billions to clean up the mess.

  Right now I can see nothing that they would do to stop the oil, that could possibly be worse than the oil itself. There are too many regulations in the way right now and they should be suspended. They could be put back once the oil flow has been stooped.


4 Responses to “Too Much Regulation?”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank..correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Obama say “plug the damn hole?”

  2. frankknotts Says:

    I believe he did Bill. The problem is , BP is still having to go through the government and Coast Guard before they can try anything. They first must receive approval, even if this only adds an hour, at this point it is too much. I think Pres. Obama wants to have his cake and eat it too. He is not doing everything that could be done,this may be to delay and increase the disaster, but wants to seem in charge so that when the leak is finally stopped, he and his administration can take credit. I do thing it has gone on too long and will blow back on him now. This will be his Katrina, the question is will the main steam media treat him as they did Pres. Bush?

  3. Bill Says:

    Of course not! Just reading what the media isn’t doing now. You don’t hear the outrage in the print or television media you would if this was under George W’s watch! Why doesn’t the media show the charter boat captain,the shrimper,the hotel,motel and all the businesses that are suffering and what they think??? THEY DON’T!
    We’d be inundated about President Bush’s mishandling of this as he was continually criticized about hurricane Katrina!
    Sure,President Obama takes responsibility for it and the media,in my humble opinion is probably saying, “that’s ok,Mr President,you’re doing the best you can.”
    The bureaucracy that impedes common sense is atrocious! Certain permits have to be approved by the Army Corps of Engineers? WHAT?????
    As you said, Frank, the foolish waiting before BP can do anything not only adds to THEIR cost but waiting, as you say even an hour, hinders the cleanup.
    I pray for those folks in the Gulf states. God help them because the government isn’t!

  4. frankknotts Says:

    We have glaring examples of what people can do for themselves in such cases. Now of course the people can’t stop the flow of oil but the individual states and the people can do a lot for themselves if the federal government would get out of their way. Just look at Tenn. after the floods, the people pulled togother and started cleaning up the next day. Look at Mississippi after Katrina, unlike Louisiana they didn’t wait and whine about federal help.

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