Rep. Mike Castle’s Conflict Of Interest (Reprint)

( For full disclosure I am reprinting this article with this disclaimer. The numbers  used from Open secrets are aggregate, they are compiled from individuals working for or in a specific company or industry. So as in the case of Young, Conaway, it is not the firm as a whole making the contribution,but individuals who work for the firm. If anyone is interested in looking up who the individual contributors  are, here is a link to the FEC page for the 2007-2008 cycle for Mike Castle. =H2DE00072&contCategory =INDIVIDUAL&category =searchCand&searchKeyword=CASTLE  Now it is impossible for myself or anyone to know the reason for each and every contribution, but in my opinion, when you have this much money coming from employees of one law firm or one banking interest to a candidate that sits on the very powerful House Financial Services Committee, there is  good reason for concern of conflict of interest. I will leave it up to the individual voters to make their own decisions).                  Now that we have learned that Christine O’Donnell intends to primary long time Washington insider Rep. Mike Castle (RINO-De) for the Senate seat,  formerly held by even longer Washington insider Joe Biden(unfortunately currently our vice president), there has been questions raised of Ms. O’Donnell’s ability to run a campaign , let alone to make financial decisions on the national scale.

  So, I believe since Mr. Castle’s supporters think it right to bring up past deeds of Ms. O’Donnell, then I would say that Mr. Castle should clean his closet as well.

  Let us start by looking at the 2007-2008 election cycle shall we.

  Here is  a link that show contributions to Mr. Castle for that cycle.

  As you will see, the number one contributor, amounting to 10% of his campaign contributions is the law firm of Young, Conaway. This is a law firm that deals primarily with bankruptcy and corporate restructuring. They contributed $146,915.

  You will also see that Mr. Castle’s next two largest contributors were Bank of America at number two with $27,950 and coming in at #3 was Morgan Stanley with a paltry $14,850.

  Now those last two sound very familiar and may explain Mr. Castle’s yes vote on the TARP legislation. Of course this is exactly the type of voting you would expect from someone whose supporters describe him as a fiscal conservative, right?

  Oh and by the way , for those who don’t know it, Mr. Castle sits on the House Financial Services Committee, you know the one that oversees and regulates banks and the financial sector. But of course I’m sure that Mr. Castle’s supporters will see absolutely no conflict of interest there.

  In the eyes of Mr. Castle’s supporters, this is exactly the kind of experience that we need to send back to Washington in the Senate, to continue the good work that he has been doing in the House for oh so many years. While those who feel as I do , believe that this is exactly why he must be defeated.

  And one last note to those of you out there still clinging to the idea that Mr. Castle is any kind of conservative, in 2009 while serving on the House Financial Services Committee . In a Vote of 39-29 on legislation to create yet another government bureaucracy that would be known as , The Consumer Financial Protection Agency, Mike Castle was the only, as in no other, as in single Republican vote, to vote with, that’s right you guessed it , he voted with the Democrats against all of his so-called fellow Republicans in favor of growing government once again.

 So to all of you out there that are ready to condemn Christine O’Donnell for her mistakes, you may want to consider the fact that Mr. Castle’s actions were conscious decisions.


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