President Obama And The Line Item Veto

  President Obama is hoping that his lap dog congress will bestow the power of a line item veto upon him. This would give him the power to dissect a bill line by line and remove any spending that he found to be unnecessary.

 The last President to have such power was Pres. Clinton. And he only had it until the Supreme Court ruled it un-constitutional.

  Pres. George W. Bush asked congress to bestow it upon him and was refused. By the way, the then Senator Obama voted against giving the line item veto to Pres. Bush. Ah! Hypocrites abound.

  Now of course the line item veto sounds really great when your party is in the White House. You can just imagine a Republican president cutting and slashing entitlements left and right. By the way the current version of the LIV, would not allow cuts to the big spenders like Social security or Medicare. And to get around that pesky Supreme Court, it gives final say to congress. So explain how this is a line item veto?

  But I guess when the president has a congress at heal, well he can count on them backing him up.

  Now back to whether or not a LIV is a good idea. Well again, if it is your party of choice making the cuts , I guess it would seem like a good idea.

 But now think of the LIV as a political tool. Imagine if you will a president cutting pork spending. Ah! Sounds great doesn’t it? But what if he only cuts pork that Republican Representatives and Senators are trying to bring home?The voters might start to get the idea that they should vote for the Democrats, that is if they want any of the pork.

 A president with a LIV could be a very powerful person. Imagine legislators having to come begging, to the king like president, if they wanted more highway funds for their states.

 I believe the constitutional form of veto and overturning of vetoes is the proper way to handle the passing of bills. To allow any president that sort of power could lead to a monarch like leader. I also believe that to change the constitutional form of vetoes, challenges the separation of powers built into the Constitution.

  I say if a president doesn’t like something in a bill, then veto the entire bill and send it back. If congress wants to pass it then either remove the part the president objects to, or override the veto. That is how the Founders believed it should be, so it’s good enough for me.


One Response to “President Obama And The Line Item Veto”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,you make a great point. I was initially in favor of the line item veto and you said that the president,whether democrat or republican would decide on party lines what to veto or not.
    I have to agree with you as line item vetoes would not cross party lines. One of the things that I find very annoying,not only expensive is,why veto an entire bill when there’s so much waste and pork?
    I guess that all of this is a learning experience for all of us.
    I agree that if the president vetoes a bill,it can be overidden by a 2/3 majority.

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