President Obama Too Busy To Honor Tradition

 This is from a Washington post article:

 “In a highly unusual move, President Barack Obama is going to skip the traditional Memorial Day event at Arlington National Cemetery to return home to Chicago for the long holiday weekend.

Obama sees it as addressing one of the great broken promises of his administration: his early pledge to return home to Chicago every six weeks or so, according to The Washington Post.

On Monday, Obama will make remarks at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery and miss the usual tradition of presidents speaking at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day.

Instead, Vice President Biden and his wife will appear in Obama’s place, laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, as well as holding a breakfast for Gold Star families — families whose loved ones died in military service — at the White House earlier that day. ”

  Can someone explain how a sitting president can miss this time-honored tradition? And the best excuse he comes up with is that he made a promise to go home every six weeks or so. And he chooses this weekend? I’m sorry, but in my view this is highly disrespectful of those who have given the full measure of sacrifice.


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