If Elected To The U.S. Senate Will Mike Castle Vote For Any Version Of Cap And Trade ?

   As the U.S.  Representative from the state of Delaware, Mike Castle voted for  cap-and-trade. He did this even though most right thinking conservatives understand that any form of carbon taxing legislation will lead to soaring energy cost. And since we are an energy driven nation, the higher cost of energy will lead to every product produced and or transported within the U.S. costing more.

 This cap-and-trade idea has been sold as a tax on big energy. It has been sold as being a way to reduce the so-called man-made global warming. Of course we now know that man-made global warming is a complete hoax. Global warming in general is now in doubt with average global temperatures not having risen in the last ten years and with some models showing a decrease.

 Cap and trade would actually be a huge tax on all American citizens and would do nothing to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

  What cap-and-trade would do is to allow people such as former Vice President Al Gore to reap huge profits from the buying and selling of carbon credits. It would also allow the government to tax those profits.

  Now back to Mr.Castle’s support of cap-and-trade. After voting for this terrible legislation he took a lot of heat(no pun intended) from people back in Delaware. And since it is an election year, Mr. Castle has released statements that if elected to the U.S Senate, he would not vote for cap-and-trade if it came before him. Really?

  I have brought up the fact that Mr. Castle might say one thing in Sussex County Delaware, a very conservative county, and that he might say something different in New Castle County, a much more liberal county. Well some of Mr. Castle’s blind supporters have challenged me to call Mr. Castle a liar. I will not fall for this liberal tactic. What I will say is that Mr. Castle is a skilled career politician.

  By saying that he would not vote for the version of cap-and-trade that he did in the House, he allows himself an escape hatch. The Senate is currently working on their own version of a carbon tax bill. Now it doesn’t matter what you call it , it is the same game. I personally would not be shocked, if Mr. Castle is able to win election to the Senate, to see him vote for that bill and to make statements such as , this is a totally different bill.

  I challenge Mr. Castle’s blind supporters to ask themselves, do you really believe his golden words, dripping from his tongue of clay?

  Consider this, directly from his own congressional website. Now go check this quickly since he has a habit of removing stuff from his websites. http://www.castle.house.gov/Issues/Issue/?IssueID=4445

  • Corporate Automotive Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) standards – Congress and the President agreed to increase fuel efficiency standards for cars, SUVs, and some trucks for the first time in statute since 1975.  Rep. Castle supported the law, which raised the standard to 35 miles per gallon by 2020, and believes that making our vehicles go farther on a tank of gas will contribute greatly to reducing emissions from transportation fuels that contribute to global warming.
  • Biofuels – Rep. Castle voted to require that 36 billion gallons of biofuels be blended with conventional fuels by 2022.  Recognizing the need to exercise caution, that the increased production not adversely affect the food supply, he strongly supported the new law requiring increased use of materials other than corn, such as sweet sorghum, rice straw, and switchgrass in producing biofuels.
  • Energy-Efficiency Standards for Appliance and Buildings – Rep. Castle supported the new law requiring better energy-efficiency standards for appliances and buildings.  Improving the efficiency of how energy is used by appliances and buildings is one of the fastest ways to immediately.  Energy Star appliances, for example, are a great tool for consumers who wish to improve the efficiency of household appliances and lower their electricity bills.
  • Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) – Rep. Castle believes in requiring utilities to gradually increase the portion of electricity produced from renewable resources such as wind, biomass, geothermal, and solar energy.  Specifically, he supports legislation to require electric utilities to produce 20% of their power from renewable energy sources by 2020, and he voted for an amendment to require 15% by 2020 during consideration of an energy bill in the House in August 2007.  A federal RES has passed the House and Senate at various points but has yet to be included in the new energy laws.
  • Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency Investment – Rep. Castle has voted in favor of three similar bills to extend tax credits to producers of renewable energy and for energy efficiency tax credits.  The debate continues over whether to shift the current tax credits from oil and gas producers to renewable energy and energy efficiency, however he believes this is a reasonable approach to jump-start needed technology advancements.
  • Wind in Delaware – Wind energy is reliable, clean, will not contribute to climate changes, and is cited as the fastest growing commercial energy source in the world.  All wind energy facilities in the United States are based on land, and it’s exciting to think that Delaware could be the first to pursue offshore wind energy development.  Rep. Castle supports a long-term extension of the Production Tax Credit (PTC), which expires at the end of 2008, which will help with continued investment in renewable energy sources around the country, like the offshore wind energy project in Delaware.  He has also encouraged the Minerals Management Service to act quickly in setting the regulations for offshore alternative energy development.


 This is on his “Energy Independence” page of his issues section of the website. Notice that nowhere does he speak of opening new oil reserves for exploration, nor does he mention building new power plants. Nothing about nuclear power. The man is a dedicated environmentalist.  He would sacrifice our energy and national security on the hope of pipe dream technology and government regulation.

 And as for Renewable Electricity Standard (RES), these would lead to massive job losses in existing energy industries.

  So ask yourselves, do you really think that a man who has dedicated so much of his political career to environmental issues, will now suddenly abandon them? And if he would , what does that say about his being nothing more than a political opportunist?

 So liar? Maybe not yet, but send him to the Senate and watch him twist and spin those words.


6 Responses to “If Elected To The U.S. Senate Will Mike Castle Vote For Any Version Of Cap And Trade ?”

  1. Judson Bennett Says:

    Frank–this is bull –Regardless of Castle’s voting record- which is definitely liberal 20% of the time–He always stands behind it. He is famous for not returning favors and for voting his own way–contrary to the party line. As to Cap & Trade, he has waivered and told me he made a mistake. He won’t be supporting it when he is elected to the senate.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    First off Mr. Bennett, I have edited out your curse word, if you can’t come to the site and express yourself like an adult, and refrain from such language, then please don’t come at all.
    As to the point of the article, I am just asking a question of the people of Delaware. Do they believe Mike Castle will abandon what has been his lifes work. I understand you share his views on the environment, okay that’s your right. My right is to be sceptical of his future votes on carbon taxing. If you read the post , again one of my points is, if he will vote for any kind of carbon taxing, or will he only NOT vote for something called cap and trade?
    When it comes to voting on issue of energy I think even you will agree that his liberal percentage goes way up closer to 100%.

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Also you say,”He is famous for not returning favors and for voting his own way–contrary to the party line.” You could add to that statement that he votes his own way even when it’s contrary to the will of the people.

  4. Scott Says:

    “If Elected To The U.S. Senate Will Mike Castle Vote For Any Version Of Cap And Trade ?”

    Does a bear ___ in the woods?

    (I edited out my curse word for you) 😉

  5. Judson Bennett Says:

    You know Frank, having lived a very full life with many experiences, traveled all over the world, been able to meet people from all over the globe on various ships, and having experienced the American dream, not including 30 years of political experience, I believe I’ve learned many things. I’ve also certainly made my share of mistakes and experienced great joy and deep sadness.

    That being said I have never witnessed a more completely limited individual who by possessing a little knowledge, thinks he has all the answers. Frankly, I don’t know why I’ve ever acknowledged you in the first place. Probably because you are so blatently insipid and ignorant.

    Don’t worry Frank, I won’t waste my time writing on your site again–now you’ll have maybe 3. I’d love to throw out some expletives right now like a F and an S, but I wouldn’t want to harm your phony emotional and moral foundation any more then it already is. I’m gone.

  6. frankknotts Says:

    Thank you Scott.
    And to you Mr. Bennett, if you do read this, my life was so empty before “YOU” acknowledged me. I was so “blatently insipid and ignorant”, that without your approval I was lost , wondering, with no real direction. “YOU” Mr. Bennett gave my life meaning. “YOU” who had ,”
    lived a very full life with many experiences, traveled all over the world, been able to meet people from all over the globe on various ships, and having experienced the American dream, not including 30 years of political experience,” were so inspiring to poor, poor me. And now if “YOU” ,”are gone”, how will I ever go on?
    So it is with,”great joy and deep sadness”, that I bid you adieu!

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