Who Supports Chris Coons?

  Well his number one supporter is a self-described progressive PAC named ActBlue, coming in first with donations totaling $195,600. Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois is a big fan. It is not surprising that a Democrat would receive money from a Democrat PAC.

   His number two is a little more interesting,  Young,Conaway et al with a donation of $17,950 . Now, for those of you who may not have been following along on some of my other articles about Rep. Mike Castle’s campaign finances, Young,Conaway is a Wilmington law firm and Mr. Castle’s number one contributor with $31,330. Now  many corporations and companies donate to both parties. I just find it interesting that a law firm that deals in bankruptcy and corporate restructuring, donates to candidates in the same race. It may not be unique, I just find it a little sleazy.

  Number three on the Coons hit parade is Skadden,Arps et al, another high-powered financial law firm, donating $17,900.

  In fact Mr. Coons’ top ten is populated with law firms and PACs.

DANPAC $10,000
Green Mountain PAC $10,000
Impact $10,000
New Millennium PAC $10,000
Searchlight Leadership Fund $10,000
Jane Street Capital $9,600
Wl Gore & Assoc $7,550

  None of this is shocking or illegal . I guess that my point is, that a decision between Chris Coons and Mike Castle is little choice at all.

  We can either choose a liberal Republican, Mike Castle, supported by law firms and banking interest, or we can choose a liberal Democrat, Chris Coons, supported by law firms and special interest.

  I believe that the only choice for conservatives is Christine O’Donnell. And yes there are law firms donating to her campaign as well.

Stein, Mitchell & Muse $9,600
Killino Firm $2,400

  But more telling about the O’Donnell campaign is that it is funded by small businesses like,

Fitzgerald Auto Salvage $4,300
Georgetown Animal Hospital $2,000
Mattress Express $1,000

  I believe that if we send Chrisitne O’Donnell to Washington as Delaware’s next Senator, that she will better represent the small businesses of the state and the nation. By bringing conservative free market values with her, the same values that the small businesses that have donated to her campaign recognize.


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