Today Is The Day!!

  As I am writing this, the delegates to the Delaware state GOP convention are just sitting down to breakfast. I hope it’s a good one. They have a long day ahead of them.

  I am often critical of the convention process, many take this to mean that I am also critical of those who participate in the convention. This is not the case. The delegates are doing what they believe to be right. I thank them for their sacrifices of time and home life. This doesn’t change my view that the people should speak first in a primary, nor will the results of todays convention.

 That being said, since this is the process for now, I only hope that the delegates will be guided by values and principle and by conscience. They have been charged with making a decision for thousands of other GOP members, their single vote carries more weight than my single vote would in a primary election, and with that vote goes a great deal of responsibility. We hope that the delegates will make their choices based on the current mood of the average citizen. That their vote will reflect that mood as it is supposed too.

  We expect the delegates to put aside party politics, to put aside the pressure and influence brought to bear upon them by candidates and other special interest. We expect them to be honorable and to honor those whom they represent.

  I would like to take this time to thank all of the delegates. And may God bless them.

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