Read all about it. Now I assume that you are all sitting down while reading this, but if you have any beverages around your keyboard that might get knocked over if you jump up suddenly, you might want to move them before continuing.

  Okay,here is the shocking news. The Delaware state GOP convention has ended and the surprise endorsements have been announced. I know no one will believe this news but here it is.

  In the race for U.S. House of Representatives, the endorsement goes to Michell Rollins. I know, it’s hard to believe that the state GOP would go out on such a thin limb, but I guess they are thinking outside the box.

  And as for the Senate race, again the Delaware state GOP has  certainly taken the pulse of the people of Delaware and selected and endorsed Mike Castle.

  Clearly the delegates are in touch with the small government and low taxes mentality of the rank and file GOP members. Clearly they understand that the people of Delaware and the nation have had enough of the same old same old. Clearly the delegates realize that people across the nation, of all party affiliation,GOP, Democrat, and independent voters are moving to the right, due in large part to the people being fed up with candidates that do not heed the will of the people. Clearly the delegates realize this and just as clearly they don’t care.

  First let me thank those delegates that held true to conservative values and voted for Glen Urquhart, Kevin Wade, and Christine O’Donnell.

  That being said the process has now endorsed two candidates that are representative of what is wrong with the GOP, not how to fix it.

  In choosing Mr. Castle the convention has endorsed a thirty plus years part of the nation’s problem, with the hope of sending him back to continue to dismantle our economic freedoms.

  In choosing Ms. Rollins, the convention has chosen the next generation of the problem.

  But this is only the beginning , not the end of the process. Now the people will speak. We can only hope for a primary race that deals with the issues and the facts. And not the personal attacks that have led up to the convention. I believe that we will see more of Mr. Castle’s voting record, and where he receives his campaign funding exposed. As for Ms. Rollins, I believe that her empty rhetoric will expose her for the empty candidate that she is. I believe that both Mr. Urquhart and Mr. Wade are well suited to expose this weakness.

  So now that the hoopla is over, we can get down to the real deal. Now the people get to speak.


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