Who Will Be First ?

  Let me begin this article by stating, like so many others have in the past, that I am neither a mover, nor a shaker within the GOP. I am just one person , who cast one vote. I have started a small blog and contribute to another. I like to give my opinion, and I don’t really care who agrees or disagrees with it. I will fight for the things I believe in and will stand up for and behind the people I feel are good for this nation. I don’t apologize for my opinion and I try to respect other people’s, even if I believe them to be wrong.

  Okay, that being said. I have been talking here a lot about the Christine O’Donnell Campaign. Monday night I went to the Sussex County GOP monthly meeting. I spoke with several people, who I might add I respect greatly when it comes to political opinions and advice. I won’t name them because they were talking to me as Frank Knotts fellow citizen, not as Frank Knotts the blogger.

  These are people of some influence within the party. One might even say, movers and shakers. Their opinions could and often do influence others on important party issues. I asked these people about Christine O’Donnell’s campaign and why they weren’t coming out publicly in support of her.

 Everyone I talked to said the same thing. They were either working on other campaigns or they were waiting to see how the convention would shake out. They also said that in the past Ms. O’Donnell had not worked hard enough on her own campaign. These people, local people, were waiting to see if she would be able to gin up any national support. Well I’m sure that national people are waiting to see if she can gain local support.

  I’m often told that I just don’t understand how campaigns work. That I don’t get it. Well for one of the few times in my life, I will admit, that no, I don’t get it.

 I don’t get how people within the GOP, who will tell you privately that they agree with Christine O’Donnell’s message, that they will vote for her in the primary, that they agree that Mike Castle is a career politician and is no conservative, and that he should be replaced. And yet they won’t speak out publicly in support of Ms. O’Donnell. What are they afraid of? Spending their political capital? Well isn’t the reason people collect political capital,for just  such things as helping the right candidate to get the message out?

  This silly national, verses local support, waiting game, is little more than a staring contest to see who will blink first. I believe that it must begin on the local level. I challenge those within the Delaware GOP who support Christine O’Donnell’s campaign in private, to come out publicly and endorse her.

  There are those within the GOP that will never admit that Mr. Castle is a liberal, that he has voted on issues that will negatively affect all American citizens, they will not admit that he takes money from special interest groups to fund his campaigns, while sitting on committees that are in charge of regulating those same special interest groups. These people are a lost cause. I am speaking to those within the GOP that understand that Mike Castle has been a part of the Washington D.C. crowd and a big part of the political problem for decades.

  I am asking these people to stand up for a candidate that wants to go to Washington to fight for all of us, not just the law firms and banks that contribute to Mr. Castle’s campaign. A candidate that holds our founding principles in high regard. A candidate that believes that we have strayed too far from those principles, but that believes that we can return to them. A candidate that can be counted on to cast votes based on conservative principles, and not on who contributed to her campaign.

  This brings me to my next point. Some people have attempted to make a lot of political hay from the accusations made about Ms. O’Donnell’s previous campaigns and the financial difficulties she has had to endure. Well I guess  it is easy to throw that stone when your candidate has millions of dollars to throw around. But where did he get those millions? Do you care ? Many of Ms. O’Donnell’s past and current campaigning problems are a result of  lack of funding, no doubt. Many of the things that her critics have criticized her for would not be an issue if she had more funding.

  Christine O’Donnell is not a silver spoon candidate such as Mike Castle is. She doesn’t come from wealthy parents and she isn’t supported by large law firms and banking interest. She is a person who is motivated to work for the people, and now the people must work for her.

 I am challenging my fellow rank and file GOP members out there that believe, as I do in Christine O’Donnell’s message. That believe that Mike Castle has had his chance and that we must not return him to Washington to do more damage. I challenge ordinary people to send what they can to the Christine O’Donnell campaign, even if it is only ten dollars, or fifty. Encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. Don’t let Mike Castle buy this election in the way he has bought so many in the past.

  So in closing I ask, who will be first to break this cycle of silence? Who within the inner circle of the GOP will speak up for a candidate that has had the courage to withstand the slings and arrows, not just of the Democrats, but of her own party, to carry the message of conservatism proudly for the people. Who will be first of the movers and shakers within the party to say that Mike Castle is not the person he professes to be?

  Someone must have the courage to cross that line, for what is right, for what is needed and for the good of the nation. And let party politics be damned.


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