The Difference Between Conservatives And Liberals

   Less than two weeks after the Supreme Court decided that a monument to honor the troops that died in WWI, that had been in place since 1934, could remain on federal land, so-called vandals have stolen it.

  The original controversy was due to the fact that the monument was a seven-foot cross. People with nothing better to do, sued to have the cross removed, sighting separation of church and state. The Supreme Court decided that the cross could stay.

  Well in my view, unless proven otherwise, I would have to say that the cross was stolen not by vandals, but by radical liberals. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that since they couldn’t destroy the cross through the legal system , they chose to just destroy the cross.

 This demonstrates the difference between conservatives and liberals.

  The case worked its way up through the legal system, both sides saw victories and set backs. The case made its way to the highest court in the land. That court found in favor of the Veterans of Foreign Wars as well it should have.

 But let’s for just a minute suppose that the court had found in favor of those with nothing better to do and had said that the cross was to be removed. What do you think would have happened?

  Well I believe that there would have been protest, there would have been tears, and even most likely some private person would have paid to have the cross moved to a donated private location to preserve it. But I find it hard to believe that anything illegal would have occurred. Why? Because it would have gone against conservative values, and this was clearly a fight between conservative values and the liberals lack of values and respect for those who fought to protect our freedoms.

  But the case was decided in  favor of those who would protect the cross, and all that it represents. So what did the radical liberals do? They stole that symbol of freedom and have most likely melted it down.

  This is who liberals are. Oh they talk about freedom and the rule of law, as long as the law falls in their favor. But let it go against them and we soon see their true colors. Look to current conditions in Greece, where liberals have been in power for decades, and as long as the liberal masses were getting all that they wanted, all was fine. But as soon as the golden goose of liberalism died, they have begun to riot and destroy all that is left of their nation.

  It is this lack of respect for laws, and for the rights of others, that is exactly why  if we do not change the current course right here at home, we will find ourselves in the exact same circumstances. And when that happens, lead will be worth more than gold.

  The cross will be restored, hopefully those who committed this despicable act will be caught and punished.


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