Silly Season

   Well here we are again, we find ourselves as members of the GOP, smack dab in the middle of the silly season.

  What do I mean by the silly season? Well every election cycle finds the Delaware GOP holding its convention. So what’s silly about that you ask? In my opinion the fact that the Delaware GOP holds its convention before the primary is silly.

  By allowing the party to speak first, before the people, is counter productive. It is the machine oiling the machine. The party gets together and decides who the party will endorse, in some cases it is a forgone conclusion. So what’s wrong with that? Well it smacks of party elitism.

  In my humble opinion, the people should speak first. This backwards way of  running a primary, only adds to party division. In this system the party bestows the nomination on some party favorite, who has worked hard to curry favor with the delegates. After the convention is over and the balloons are popped, then the leftover candidates must decide to either give up and go home and start working to curry more favor with the party and its delegates or they can ,”FORCE” a primary. This last act will most likely get them labeled a trouble maker , someone who is not a “TEAM PLAYER”. This leads to an often bloody battle in the primary.

  I feel that this could be lessened if the primary were first. The way it works now, many rank and file voters feel that they have been left out of the process if their candidate is not chosen by the party at convention. The system is stacked against the “CHALLENGER” in the primary due to the people who will vote in the primary for the person with the endorsement from the convention, simply for that reason. This leaves the supporters of the so-called “CHALLENGER” feeling as if they have been scammed. This often leads to these voters not supporting the party’s choice in the general election.

  It makes much more sence to allow the people to choose the candidate that will represent the people and party. If the primary were held first, then the people who lost would feel that they had given it their best shot and most likely would support the winner. The image of party elitism would be gone and the people, the rank and file , would feel they had their voices heard. It would also be a time for all of the party factions to get their issues heard and give a sence of what is most important.

  Now this is not the first time I have made this argument, so I know all of the counter arguments. Some will tell me if I want my voice heard I should work to become a delegate. Why? So I can become that which I condemn?I have no more right to speak for others , than others have to speak for me. Others will tell you that state law forbids the primary before the convention. Not true. There are dates that must be met for declaring a candidate, but the state has no say in how a party chooses its candidates.The primary date set by state law is too close to the general election date, also set by state law. But those in power see it as a way to retain power. I say we don’t need a convention as we know it now. I say allow the candidates to work the primary and then the party could come together to work the general election. If people want to get together for food and balloons let them do it after the primary. It is telling that the convention is held in the vacation capital of the state.

  This isn’t about beating up on the party or the hard-working committee people or delegates, it is about giving a louder voice to those who should matter the most, the voters. I say let the people decide who will be the people’s candidate.


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