Christine O’Donnell For U.S. Senate

   Let me open this article first by saying that last night it was my privilege to participate in a conference call with other bloggers from around the country, from Delaware to Hawaii. I was invited to join in on this conference call by Steve Maloney from the Christine O’Donnell campaign for the U.S Senate  seat formerly held by Sen. Joe Biden, our current Vice President , unfortunately.

  Ms. O’Donnell was also on the call and gave a brief statement and then answered questions for close to an hour.

  Ms. O’Donnell will be challenging Democrat Chris Coons in the general election. That is once she has sent Delaware’s current U.S. Representative, Republican Mike Castle home, after the upcoming Republican primary. Mr. Castle would seem to be the candidate of choice for the GOP elite and party machine, of course there has been no official endorsement by the party. But if you go to the Delaware GOP website you might not know that.

  Ms. O’ Donnell  on the other hand seems to be the candidate of choice for the rank and file GOP membership. She is also showing strong support from independent voters. This is due to her strong conservative message. A message that has been consistent throughout her political career. She believes in small government , she feels that the best way to grow the economy is to get government out-of-the-way of entrepreneurs. She knows that it will take not only cuts in taxes to grow the economy, but cuts in spending to bring the runaway deficit under control. She is a Christian who has never shied away from her Christian values, even when some have attacked her for holding true to them.

   This will be her third attempt to be elected to the U.S. Senate. She ran a very strong write- in campaign in 2006, she then ran against Sen. Joe Biden in 2008 and considering the fact she was running against “Delaware’s favorite son”, according to Sen. Biden, she did very well. No one can say she isn’t determined. Some candidates would have given up and moved on, especially considering some of the attacks that have been made against her as of late. Some from within her own party have been spreading half-truths and false statements about her previous campaigns and her personal life.

  One question that often arises, is, why run for the U.S. Senate as your first public office? It is often suggested that she should run for Sussex County Dog Catcher, or some other lower office first. You know, and work her way up through the system, “TO GAIN SOME EXPERIENCE”. This criticism, wrapped in a question most often comes from her opponents in the Democrat party, but just as often from members of the GOP elite class that feel she hasn’t paid her dues to the party and that also feel  she doesn’t owe enough to the party.

  This lack of so-called “EXPERIENCE” is exactly why so many average GOP voters feel that Christine O’Donnell is exactly the kind of candidate that the GOP needs this time around. In today’s current climate of more and more people self identifying as conservative, as independent voters are moving to the right, and even some Democrats have had enough of the moderates and leftist of both parties, this is the right time to throw out the old and vote in the new.

  Rep. Castle has been in public office of one kind or another for over forty years and he has been in Washington for far too long. Why? At a time when America is moving to the right, would we, as members of the GOP want to put up a candidate that has been given the label of  “MOST LIBERAL REPUBLICAN IN THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES “, by The National Journal, who has been rating congress since 1981.

 I say we don’t. I think it is time to send someone to Washington with new ideas and a fresh outlook. Someone who is not carrying around all of the “BACKROOM BAGGAGE” and so-called “EXPERIENCE” of too many years inside the beltway.

   That is why I am proud to say that I endorse Christine O’Donnell for the U.S. Senate. It is also why I encourage everyone to go to her web site    and sign up for e-mail up-dates, and donate as much as you can to her campaign. Christine O’Donnell is running against a millionaire who can self finance his campaign, another reason why the GOP likes him so much. Christine O’Donnell can defeat Mike Castle in the primary, and she can defeat Chris Coons in the general election. But she needs your help. She needs average people to work for her, to tell their friends about why she is the right choice to be Delaware’s next Senator and she needs your support through donations.

  The next two election cycles are going to be critical in taking back America from the elitist, ruling class politicians like Mike Castle, who believe that they are entitled to sit in the people’s seat. Send a message that we will no longer tolerate their arrogance. Elect  Christine O’Donnell !

6 Responses to “Christine O’Donnell For U.S. Senate”

  1. Owen Says:

    How can a Christian be a politician and how can a Christian be against taxed…Jesus Himself said we are to pay them.

  2. Lori Sheridan Says:

    Have you heard her, Christine, say she is against taxes, there is huge difference between wanting fewer taxes and being totally against them. Odviously we have to have some taxes to support a much more limited government than we have now!! I know of no one that is totally against taxes, just too many of them without any representaion, or say in them. Why can’t a Christian be a politician. That would make the liberal, prograssives happy if there were no
    Christians involved in the running of our country. They would have virtually no opposition and could run full speed ahead with their agenda. Lets really think about that statement.

  3. DEConservative(EvanQ) Says:

    Mike Castle and Chris Coons are the same person. Both of them vote with the Dems about 60% of the time. With that said, I think Christine just needs to show she can beat Coons in the general election. Republican primary voters will flock to a real conservative who can win in November over a liberal RINO.

    She needs to take that step. Question is, will she?

  4. Scott Says:

    Evan, you need to get over Coons. He is nobody. Castle is the giant in Delaware. If she can beat Castle, she can beat Coons.

  5. frankknotts Says:

    I have to agree with both Evan and Scott, though it may seem like they are opposite opinions. First Castle is the big dog in the race , due to the fact that he has been in office for far too long, the fact that the GOP establishment is behind him and that he is a millionaire. Of course Mike Castle’s biggest weakness, is Mike Castle. His voting record will defeat him when it is pointed out by someone like Christine O’Donnell, who has a solid conservative message.
    As for Chris Coons, well once Christine O’Donnell has defeated Mike Castle I believe she will see an up swing in support . But she, nor her supporters can take Coons for granted. He is vulnorable in New Castle County due to his involvement in raising property taxes in that county, the county in Delaware where the Democrats usually enjoy universal support.
    None of this is going to be easy for the O’Donnell campaign, it will not be a cake walk, but with hard work on the part of the candidate and her supporters it is definately do-able.

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