Never Waste A Good Crisis ?

  Let me start out by expressing my prayers for all of the people along the Gulf coast that are being and who will be affected by the recent oil spill.

  Many of the people in that area depend on the waters to earn their living, either through fishing or tourism. As the oil spreads it will affect more and more people, people who may be the only source of income for their families. But not only those who fish or who directly work in the tourist trade.This will affect those who sell boats and parts, it will affect vendors who supply hotels and restaurants. All of this in an area that has just begun to recover from Katrina, and like the rest of the nation, is suffering the effects of a down economy and the misguided attempts at correcting it.

  Also let me say that British Petroleum is and should be responsible for this tragedy. If they are proven to have been negligent, then they surely will be held responsible and I’m sure subject to a class action suit. They will be required to pay the cost of the clean-up and will no doubt suffer great financial losses due to this accident.

 Okay, that having been said, there have already been those on the left,both in office and the media, who have begun to turn this to a political advantage. On both sides by the way.

 On the right the Republicans have tried to liken this as being Pres. Obama’s Katrina moment. It may well be. To some, it appears that he has been slow in mobilizing federal assets to react to the accident.

  On the left many Democrats and those in the liberal media have already started calling for not only the investigation of this accident. But also for the suspension of “ALL” exploration for off shore oil. Some have even called for shutting down existing oil platforms until they have been inspected and cleared. Some people  on the leftist fringe feel that this is all the reason that is needed to stop all off shore oil drilling forever.

  Any one of these things would devastate our economy. World oil prices will sky-rocket. Prices here in the U.S. will once again climb to and possibly surpass four dollars a gallon. The rise in energy cost will be felt across the nation in other ways. Every product that is manufactured or transported will increase in cost. Any product that is a petroleum bi-product will cost more, and that my friends is quite a large number of products. Food cost that are already creeping up will see even more increases as the cost of farming is raised due to the increase in the cost of fuel and fertilizers.

  So let us look at this, not from a purely political point of view , but from a human one.

  We have an area along the Gulf coast that has been devastated in the recent past by hurricanes, that has just begun to recover. This area is suffering from the tough economy, the same or possibly more than the rest of the nation. Now they are faced with the loss of their two major sources of revenue, fishing and tourism. Families will be struggling just to make payments on houses and boats, so as not to lose everything. Many will be forced to move from the region in search of jobs. This will further impact the Gulf states economies.

  Taking all of this into consideration, what is the Democrats and their lap dog leftist media’s solution? They think that the best way to help these people is to put in place policies that would lead to everything costing more. So now as these families in the region struggle to pay mortgages and loans on their fishing boats, if left up to the Democrats, they can expect to be paying more for fuel and food, and clothing and other necessities of life.

  This is not the time for knee jerk reactions, it is not the time to take advantage of this crisis to further the leftist attacks on the oil industry. To shut down this sector of the oil industry would only make us more dependent on foreign oil, and more vulnerable to our enemies.

  But more importantly, it would actually punish the entire nation and especially those along the Gulf coast, for an accident that was not their fault.

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