Admitting The Truth

   With the passage of the law in Arizona, giving police officers the authority to question and verify the legal status of people that they suspect of being illegal aliens, there has been a lot of talk about racism.

 The critics of the law say that it gives officers the power to racially profile Hispanics. The critics say that officers will be pulling over every Hispanic just to check their citizen status.

  Every time that the Democrats and the liberal media start talking about how it is racial profiling to check Hispanics for legal status, they are admitting the truth.

  The truth is that we have a runaway problem with illegal aliens that are Hispanic. We know this. Even the Democrats and the liberal media know this.

  So when a state, such as Arizona, takes matters into their own hands, which by the way they have the Constitutional authority to do, they are said to be racially profiling.

  How come no one gets upset when the FBI racially profiles a serial killer as being white and between the ages of thirty and forty? Because statistics show that the majority of serial killers are white and between the ages of thirty and forty.

  Statistics also show that the largest number of illegal aliens are Hispanic. This is not racially motivated, it is fact. Are their illegal Canadians here? Yes. Are there Irish and Germans here illegally? Most likely. There are also without doubt radical Islamist here waiting to attack us, some may even have come in disguised as Hispanics.

  So should Arizona officers be wasting their time checking the status of grandma O’Hara? You know, like the airport security is forced to do, while passing over arab passengers, just to seem as if there is no racial profiling going on.

  Look I believe that anyone who is stopped for reasonable cause and who is suspected of not being here legally, should be verified, no matter their skin color or their language skills. But we have to admit the truth here. We have a serious problem with Hispanic illegal aliens. Our school systems are not being overburdened with illegal Irish immigrants. Our hospitals are not being forced to shut down due to illegal aliens from Canada(well maybe they are a little bit, due to socialized medicine in Canada, but that will change as soon as our plan goes into effect). Our prisons aren’t overrun with German gang members .

  So once we admit the truth of the problem, then we can begin to solve it. Look if you have a dripping faucet in your up stairs bathroom, and a ruptured pipe under the kitchen sink, which are you going to fix first?

 I say we fix the ruptured pipe on the southern border and then we can fix those dripping Canadians.

  Asking Hispanics to prove their status in Arizona is no more racism, than investigating white males in an area surrounding what seems to be a serial killing. In both cases, crimes have been committed by un-known suspects. In both cases officers must use all of their instincts and resources to solve the crime. We wouldn’t expect law enforcement to turn their backs on a serial killing, just so as not to be accused of racial profiling would we?

  But I guess serial killers are not a large enough potential voting block to attract the attention of the Democrats and the liberal media.


5 Responses to “Admitting The Truth”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,well done as usual! As a former officer,if you don’t profile,no matter what race,color,or creed, NOTHING would get done to track down suspects. Figuires these left wing lunatics want nothing short of anarchy.
    We’ll get our country back,Frank. No matter what it takes……

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Thank you Bill, when you say,”As a former officer”, I assume you mean a police officer. Let me first thank you for your service. Without people with your courage this would truly be a nation without laws.
    But if those like yourself are not receiving support from their higher ups then they cannot do their job. This must be a nation wide effort to control this growing problem. From the top down. Or maybe more rightly said , from the bottom up. The citizens must demand that their leaders give law enforcement the tools to enforce the law of the land. And must vote those who won’t out of office.

  3. meatball Says:

    Why are illegals coming here anyway? Greatest country in the world or people will hire them? I suggest the most cost effective, least human rights violating way to END the illegal immigration problem is to prosecute those who knowingly or not hire illegal immigrants severly. Let the free market sort it out.

  4. frankknotts Says:

    meatball, agreed. Can we also agree that any caught for committing additional crimes, along with the one of coming here in the first place, should be deported?

  5. meatball Says:

    I guess it depends on the nature of the crime. If the crime committed isn’t a crime in the home country, then no.

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