Can The GOP Afford To Be Patient ?

  There is a lot of GOP members that believe, that we as a party, should take advantage of the current climate in the political arena. The thought is that right now American voters are in the mood to swing to the right in a big way.

  We have seen races in New Jersey and Massachusetts go to Republican candidates. Now of course some will argue that even these Republican candidates are not as conservative as some of us on the right would prefer. With this I agree. But considering the voting history in these states, it has to be seen as a victory for the conservative movement.

   Due to the heavy-handed approach of Pres. Obama, there is a growing number of both independent and Democrat voters, that want to move the country back away from the far left agenda of this current administration.

  This administration and its henchmen in congress have been on  a socialist, fascist, Marxist tear since taking office.

  We have witnessed the takeover of banks by the federal government. We have witnessed the nationalization of the auto industry. We have seen the deficit exploded due to bailouts of every kind. We now have a federal law that allows the federal government to run every aspect of our private lives, known as health care reform. Congress is currently working to reform the financial sector in a way that will give god like powers to the president to decide if any one company or industry is too big to fail, it will allow him to take over the company and to run it as he sees fit.

 We have a president that is giving away our nuclear deterrent, while playing at deterring Iran from building a bomb. He has shunned one of our closest allies,Israel. All the while making nice with dictators around the world.

  And after all of this and all that this president has said that he intends to do, we still have some within the GOP that say we must bide our time and take it slow. These moderates within the GOP would have us hold steady on their moderate course. They would tell us that we should again vote for moderates, even though polls tell us that moderates are not what the nation wants .

  Pres. Obama and the current crop of radical leftist in congress are steering this nation to the left at breakneck speed. The GOP cannot be satisfied with one step back to the right after allowing the Democrats to take four to the left.

  In the next two election cycles,2010 and 2012, the GOP must put up candidates that have either shown through their  record in office or who at least understand the need for a hard push back against the powers on the left.

  We can no longer afford the luxury of candidates that play both sides of the ideological battle field. We need candidates that truly believe in conservative values and who will fight and vote for  those values.

  We need national leaders who will respect the sovereignty of the states. We need state leaders who will resist the seduction of the federal handouts and all of the mandates that go with them. In short we need leaders who believe in the ability of the individual to make the choices that are best for themselves.

  We must return this nation to its founding principles. We cannot do this with half measures and compromise. In the same way that the leftist have seen fit to rob us of our God-given freedoms and rights, we must work to return them to ourselves and to guarantee them once again for our future generations.


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  1. judson bennett Says:

    This article below concerning Michele Rollins was posted on the Delaware Blog as per a previous news Journal Article:

    “Republican millionaire Michele Rollins is lining her pockets with taxpayer funded TARP money. Rollins saw her compensation quadruple right after her firm, Wilmington Trust, received a $330 million taxpayer-funded bailout in 2008. While the company has been quick to pay out bonuses and incentives to its top executives to the tune of $31.5 million in 2009, Wilmington Trust has yet to pay taxpayers back. [News Journal, 3/25/10] ” Click on the “News Journal Link to get the story.

    The Coastal Network has recently been bombarded with demands to ask this question from many concerned Conservative Republicans in Sussex County who are long term network participants???? This is a fair question that needs an answer before the Delaware GOP Convention in May and will indeed be an issue in the GOP primary in September?

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