Mitt Romney Should Stay Home

    Well I happened to catch former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney on the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News Network last night. And may I first say that Gov. Romney looked like a cat that had been cornered by two pit bulls.

  I think that there are many GOP folks out there that are hoping that Mr. Romney will again run for president in 2012. I don’t happen to be one of them. I know that many feel that he is the front-runner at this time, they also thought he was the front-runner in 2008 until he lost to John Mc Cain in the GOP primary.

   His supporters will say all of the same things they said last time. That he is qualified based on the fact that he has run a successful business, and been a governor. These are two cases of being in an executive position I must admit.

  And of course we will have to hear about his image, oh who am I kidding, we will have to hear about his dashing good looks. How he looks presidential. Well again I will have to admit he is the spitting image of a Hollywood movie president. Good hair, straight teeth, winning smile.

  So why do I say that Mitt Romney should stay home in 2012? Well because he can’t win the GOP primary this time either.

  For Mr. Romney to win the GOP nomination he will have to run the gauntlet of the primaries. This means that in the current climate among voters where more and more voters are self identifying as conservative, or at least stating that they feel that the nation has moved too far left, he will be forced to defend Romneycare.

  Let us not forget that Mr. Romney, as Governor of Massachusetts, signed into law state-run health care. It is now apparent that the health care plan that Massachusetts installed bares a striking resemblance to Obamacare.

  Massachusetts health care plan is running way over the cost that the people of that state were told that it would cost. Health care availability is dropping in the state. So in simple words , Massachusetts’ Romneycare is a failure.

  After seeing the former Governor try to defend this failure last night on the O’Reilly Factor, it is easy to see that he will stand no chance of defending it during debates against real conservative candidates in the primaries.

  For all of those Romney supporters out there, face facts, he is damaged goods at best and a real liability as a candidate if he did somehow win the primaries. How can he attack Pres. Obama in 2012 on the biggest issue that the GOP has right now? Health care. How can Mitt Romney attack Obamacare while defending Romneycare? He can’t.

  Let us not forget as members of the GOP, in 2008 we went with a moderate, John Mc Cain, and got our hats handed to us. Since then there has been a movement to the right, even among independent voters and Democrats. So why in the heck would we want to send a left of center candidate like Mitt Romney, with the albatross of Romneycare hanging around his neck, up against Pres. Obama?

 I don’t believe that we do, and I don’t believe we should. So I say to former Governor Mitt Romney, please stay home and don’t muddy the waters by dragging Romneycare into the discussion and the debates.


2 Responses to “Mitt Romney Should Stay Home”

  1. judson bennett Says:

    How about Paul Ryan–google him.
    Hey Frank,

    Everybody needs to turn on their sound, dial in this
    link below and watch & listen to Congressmsn Paul Ryan addressing President Obama. The man is brillient. He should be our next President and may very well be. If you look at the blank expression on Obama’s face, he knows it too.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Sorry Mr. Bennett this got caught in the spam filter. I agree that Mr. Ryan was impressive. Anyone who speaks truth to power is worth listening to. The look on the President’s face is either anger or he is completely un-interested in the numbers. I happen to believe that it is both. This has never been about the numbers with the President. Thanks for the post.

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