Timing Is Everything

  With the uprising in Kyrgyzstan on Tuesday, resulting in the overthrow of the government, coming so close to the signing of the arms reduction agreement between the U.S. and Russia, we have to ask , was this just a coincidence or a well-timed Russian maneuver?

  Let us put on our tin foil hats for a moment and supose that whatever passes for the KGB in Russia these days has been working in Kyrgyzstan planting the seeds of insurrection.

  It wouldn’t take much in a country that has a large amount of its population living under the poverty level. Add in the fact that energy prices have gone up nearly two hundred percent in the nation and the level of corruption and you have a recipe for revolution.

  Now all you would need to set off this powder keg would be a few well placed Russian agents to whisper in the ears of some local opposition leaders.

  Since the opposition has ousted the legitimate government , they have called on the Russian government for aid and support. Also remember that Kyrgyzstan was a former member of the Soviet Union up until 1991.

   Complicating this whole affair is the fact that the United States has an airbase at Manas, an airbase that is crucial for supporting the war in Afghanistan.

  So let us think about this for a moment. The Russians lure President Obama into talks of arms reduction, something he has made clear that he is in favor of. The Russians tie it together with promises of getting tougher on Iran and their nuclear ambitions.

  So here we have President Obama in Prague ready to sign what I’m sure the liberal media will hail as a historic arms agreement, and suddenly a former member of the Soviet Union finds itself in the middle of an insurrection. The interim government is asking for help from the Russian government. So just how does an ego maniac like President Obama dare to put his historic arms deal at risk by condemning these actions on the part of the Kyrgyzstan opposition ?

  The answer is he doesn’t, and he won’t. Unlike President Bush’s response when Russia invaded another former member of the Soviet Union,Georgia, President Obama said only , that this is not the time to make comments on the situation.

   So was this a Russian move to gain control over Kyrgyzstan at a time when they could be fairly sure of a non-response from the U.S.?  I believe that there is a very good chance that it was.

  I believe that the Russians calculated that if they offered President Obama something as big as nuclear arms reduction and then set off this insurrection, that he would never dare to jeopardize his legacy.

  So once again President Obama looks weak in the face of foreign powers. Maybe not since Neville Chamberlain came back from Munich in 1938 and stood tapping his cain and waving the Munich Areement in the air, has the world seen such a fool.


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