No TEA Party

   First let me say that I support the ideals of lower taxes and smaller government that the TEA party movement was born from.

   I also believe that a grass-roots movement such as this is the truest demonstration of what democracy should be about.

   Millions of citizens who have similar, if not identical views about the direction the nation should be heading in, coming together to voice their discontent with their government , to their government.

   These people are truly patriots. They have taken time off from work and family to travel to their state capitals and to Washington. They have been labeled by the media as racist and rednecks. Some have even been insulted with the phrase “teabaggers”.

   The term, TEA party is an acronym for ” Taxed Enough Already” , and is also an homage to the “Boston Tea Party”, which was an iconic protest during the Revolutionary War by Bostonians against the King of England’s taxes.

   The modern-day versions have evolved into marches and demonstrations on the steps of state capitals around the nation and in Washington D.C. .

   Now to the title of this article, No TEA Party. I believe that the power of the TEA movement is in its individual parts. As a group of people coming together to demonstrate and to motivate others to demonstrate and to work to change the status quo.  Each state’s version of a TEA party can and should reflect that state’s and its citizen’s views. The TEA parties are made up of individuals and so are naturally going to have slightly differing attitudes and goals.

  My fear is that at some point someone somewhere will submit to the seduction of creating a TEA PARTY. The worst thing that could happen to the TEA movement, would be for it to become a political party. If local and state leaders among the TEA movement succumb to the lure of national attention and attempt to create a political party to challenge the GOP and the Democrats, this once inspiring movement will be lost and doomed to be nothing more than a third-party spoiler on the level of the Libertarian and Independent parties.

  Imagine the revolutionary image of those Bostonians dumping tea into Boston Harbor being restricted by Federal campaign laws .

  I encourage everyone involved in a TEA party to continue to organize events and to work to grow the number of people attending your demonstrations. But I also encourage you to defend your independent status by resisting those who would use your enthusiasm for their own benefit. Resist those who would turn a rebellion into nothing more than another political tool. Do not allow those who find it impossible to gain traction within well established political parties ,to hijack your freedom to demonstrate, just so that they can run a national campaign.

  If the TEA movement becomes the TEA PARTY, it will suddenly be regulated by Federal laws . I say let the TEA movement remain a movement and work for better leaders by pressuring those already in office to hold true to our founding principles or by working to elect local , state and national leaders who will .


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