Liberty or Security ?

    During the days of the American Revolution, our Founders were fighting for Liberty. They wished to establish a new nation where every man was free to worship as he saw fit and to prosper from the fruit of his own labor.

  The founders were attempting to break the bonds of King George III. They had lived  under his tyranny and had suffered the thievery of his tax collectors and troops.

  Once they decided that they would no longer live as slaves to the King, they declared their independence with the greatest document ever written, The Declaration of Independence.

  They chose to sacrifice the security that the King offered, for the Liberty guaranteed by their Creator. The King offered the security of his navy to protect the coast of the colonies. The King offered the security of a constant market for their goods and raw materials. The King also offered the colonist the security of never having to make crucial decisions for themselves.

  Now there were many among the colonist that wished to continue under the rule of King George III and the security they perceived that he offered them. They were known as Tories, they were loyal to the King and often would turn in the revolutionaries.

  These Tories wished to continue to lie, as a lap dog, at the feet of the King and to accept whatever scraps he let fall from his bountiful table. Like dogs and other domestic animals these loyalist were more than happy to be patted and thrown a morsel for their acts of treason to the Revolution.

  These loyalist could not dream of the Liberty that the Founders spoke of when rallying citizens to fight . The Founders believed that real security came from the power of the individual , to innovate and to build and to dream. They believed that the stronger each individual was, the stronger the whole was when needed to be.

  Our Founders believed in the power of individual Liberty, to set a person and the nation on a path to greatness. And it has, for over two hundred years.

  Now we come to the present day. We find that far too many of our citizens are seeking security over Liberty. But instead of a man King, they lie at the foot of King Fed the Terrible. They beg him for money for their beaches, they crawl to him for extensions of their un-employment benefits so that they won’t have to worry about finding a job. And maybe worst of all they wish for King Fed to make decisions about their very lives, in respect to their health care.

  These neo-tories feel that the benefits of the so call security of King Fed , far out weigh those of the individual freedoms that this great nation was founded upon. They would have us living once again under the tyranny of a government that does not recognize the power of those individual freedoms. They would have us  suffer the thievery of King Fed’s tax collectors and henchmen .

  But maybe the most reprehensible part about these neo-tories, is that they would turn on their neighbors, they would stand by quietly, or possibly even be active in helping the tax collectors and henchmen steal the fruit of their neighbor’s labor, so that King Fed the Terrible might allow a small scrap fall from its bountiful table.

  These people , these neo-tories , have no idea about the dangerous  path they have chosen. They seek only a sense of security and care not for Liberty. But they do not realize that a tyrant, be it a man or a government, cares not for those which it feeds from, it cares only for that which benefits the tyrant. And will destroy all in an attempt to survive.

  We must, as Liberty loving citizens of this greatest of all nations, once again found this nation. We must teach our children the original intent of the Founders and their documents. We must not fear the loss of security, for without Liberty we are no more than kept dogs, doing the bidding of our master, King Fed the Terrible !!

  I say not Liberty or security, but security through LIBERTY !!!!!!!


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