Just The Beginning For Obamacare

   Many of us who consider ourselves to be conservative are troubled by the passing of Pres. Obama’s health care bill. And don’t fool yourself by thinking that this isn’t his bill  just as much as it is any other Democrat who supported it and voted for it.

   Some of our concerns are truly selfish, that being, how much will this cost me personally. Many of us are parents and grandparents, so we have concerns about how this will affect the futures of our descendents. There is also the patriotic concerns, how will this change the nation that we love, the country that we have grown up in, the democratic system that has served us so well for over two hundred years.

   But my fellow conservatives, this is not the time to hang our heads and admit defeat. No, it is the time to redouble our efforts to defeat this president and the Democrats that have given him this terrible victory. We must not allow this miscarriage of justice to be forgotten by the American citizens. All of us who have the drive to speak out about this and other issues must maintain the pressure on our enemies. And they are our enemies, they who would lay this nation low through their tactics and their goals of nationalizing every major industry are not only the enemy of the individual, they are the enemy of the nation itself.

   If you believe that the vote last night was the finale of this Shakespearean tragedy you are mistaken, it was but the opening act.

  If the democrats are successful in implementing this health care plan they will be on the road to single payer insurance, and of course the government would be in control.

   We know that the government currently determines how much they are willing to pay a doctor who accepts a Medicare or Medicade patient. We also know that Obamacare will reduce the amount that will be paid to doctors. Many doctors and pharmacies are already refusing new Medicare patients and Walgreens has also stated that they will no longer participate . So if the government deepens the cuts , there will be even more doctors and hospitals and pharmacies who will opt out.

  So the question is, how long will the government allow doctors, hospitals and pharmacies to refuse to accept the health insurance that the government has promised the people ?

  How long before the government steps in with new legislation that will mandate that doctors take the insurance and accept whatever value the government places on any particular procedure, and of course they will also mandate pharmacies and hospitals.The price for refusing will be the loss of the right to practice and operate their business. And please don’t anyone try to tell me it can’t happen in America, not after yesterday.

  It won’t stop there, the government can now tie pretty much anything to the cost of health care and mandate and set values. They can tell the manufacturers of medical equipment how much they can charge the hospitals. But take this line of thought even further and the government can tell companies that service hospitals and doctors with goods, such as food venders and cleaning supplies, how much they can charge. All in the interest of keeping health care cost down, because after all , the Democrats have created a brand new right.

  This enemy of freedom must be defeated, we must work to remove the Democrats from office in 2010 and then Pres. Obama in 2012. But more importantly we must do all within our powers to delay and thwart their efforts to completely change this nation from one of Liberty and democracy, into one of tyranny and hopelessness .

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