America’s Freedom Dies : 219-212

   The Democrats have been able to lie, cheat and steal their way to passage of their idea of health care reform. They have made a mockery of the U.S. Constitution, they have lied over and over again about their intentions for passing this disgusting piece of legislation. They have made backroom deals to sway those of their own party who opposed the bill. Most notably Rep. Bart Stupak D-Michigan, who had said for weeks that he would vote no due to language in the bill that will allow federal funding for abortions. He changed his vote at the last-minute based on a letter from Pres. Obama in the form of an executive order stating that no federal money would fund abortions, yeah right. This goes to show why you can’t trust Democrats.

  I just hope that all of those who voted for this bill have a back up plan for a career come November. I also hope that all of you citizens out there who supported this bill can live with yourselves as you watch the nation’s deficit spiral upward, as you watch health care quality spiral downward and as you watch the nation that has been the beacon of freedom for the world for over two hundred years, become just another third world country. Those who support this bill are the most selfish, self-centered people in the world, if they think that it is justice to take that which belongs to one citizen and give it to another who had nothing to do with earning it. That is not justice that is a crime.

  I must say that my faith in the system has been shaken. How can we call ourselves a representative republic, when the nation’s people were screaming no ! And the so-called leaders went right ahead and passed the bill .

  This truly could be then beginning of the end of democracy and freedom in this once proud nation. How can we ever walk this back ? How can we look our children in the face and tell them that they and their children, and their children’s children will be paying for this mistake ?

  May God forgive us, may God help us and may God bless this nation of United States.


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