May God Help Us !

 We are told that tomorrow ,Sunday 21, 2010 , will be the day that we finally have a vote on health care reform.

  After all of the false starts and stops, the maneuvering, the bribery, the Slaughter rule, the deem and pass, after all of this , we will finally have a vote.

  Depending on who is talking, the House Democrats have or don’t have the needed votes to pass this bill into reconciliation. Then the question becomes , does the Senate even have to send the reconciliation bill back to the House, because after the vote and after the President signs the Senate version, it is law.

  It should not be lost on anyone that the President that ran as a uniter, is on the verge of cleaving this nation in two. If this bill is passed, this nation will be divided in a way it has not been since the Civil War. It will become divided with the working , productive tax payers on one side and the non-productive , non-tax paying people on the other. This legislation will pit neighbor against neighbor. It will force one citizen to pay for another citizen’s health care insurance, this will breed contempt.

  I hope that every person will pray to God in their own fashion,( the atheist can just stand in the corner with their arms folded across their chest with that oh so superior look on their faces),that this bill is defeated. And if it is passed then may God help us.


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