Health Care Reform Stinks:And the Democrats Know It

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  That’s right, health care reform stinks and the Democrats know it. Let’s just think about this like logical people for a moment. If you are a Democrat or a Republican who is in favor of this current ten-day old fish that the Obama administration is calling reform, let me ask you some questions , and then you can answer them honestly.

  We are being told by the axis of evil, (that would be Pres. Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid), that this reform will lower health care cost. We are told that it will cut waste and fraud. We are being told that it will insure millions of people who currently have no health care(by the way that is a lie, to be settled another time). We are told that this health care reform is so wonderful that it will be able to lower the deficit while doing all of these other miraculous feats, and that it will not raise taxes , “not a single dime”.

  So I guess that people who feel that they are paying too much for health care are in favor of this reform. I suppose that people who are against waste and fraud, ( and that would be just about everyone , except those wasting and defrauding I suppose), are backing this reform bill. It should go without saying that those who will receive coverage, that currently have none, are all for this bill. And how could anyone be against lowering the deficit without raising taxes ? “Not a single dime.”

  So if there are all of these people in favor of health care reform and if this current bill is so well written. If as the axis of evil is telling us, that this reform is like ice cream with chocolate syrup and nuts and whipped cream. If this reform is going to solve so many of the nation’s troubles, but even more, if it is going to be such a benefit to so many citizens. Then can one , just one of you liberal-minded folks or anyone who supports this idea, can you tell me why participation must be mandated ?

  You would think that if this reform bill was going to do all that the President and the Democrats are saying it will, that people would be lining up around the nation , just to get on the waiting list. But that’s not the case. People are lining up around the nation to protest against it. People are outraged that the Federal government in general and the Democrats in particular would dare to assume that they can make life and death decisions for individuals.

  No my friends , health care reform stinks and the Democrats know it, and they show that they know it stinks by requiring that people join or be fined. Can you imagine someone having to be threatened with a fine to force them to eat a bowl of ice cream? Get real my liberal friends.


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