Public Apology To My Wife

After the release of the health care bill that Pres. Obama and his lackeys in Congress are foisting upon the American citizens, I feel that I owe my wife an apology.

 I have now read and heard that this health care reform bill will cost the nation $940 billion, (so you can bet it will be well over a trillion). There is $25 billion in subsidies for consumers who have never  bought insurance before.

  There is $8 billion for eleven states and D.C. which already meet the bill’s required level of Medicaid.

  There is double counting of Medicare money , there is shifting and hiding and accounting sleight of hand being done, that if a private corporation were to use, they would be hauled before a congressional hearing.

  $525 billion in Medicare cuts. And they are hiding a provision in the bill that will make it law that all Federally guaranteed student loans will now be made only by the government, this will put private banks out of the student loan business. Another case of the Obama administration nationalizing another industry of what has been a private sector industry.

  The bill has some new taxes embedded within it also, like a new Medicare payroll tax on upper income wage earners. Well at least the President and the Democrats haven’t given up on their favorite tactic, class warfare.

  So, we have a bill that will cost over a trillion dollars, and still the Democrats are telling us that it will save us $138 billion over ten years .

  This is where I have to apologize to my wife. For years now she has been coming home after  a shopping spree and telling me that even though she spent $200, she saved us money because everything was on sale for 40% or 50% off. So in her world and evidently the world of Democrats, even though you are spending money you are still able to save money. So to my lovely wife I apologize for not understanding the concept.

 But seriously, do the Democrats really expect us to buy into this bunk ? Let’s for argument sake say that they can somehow find $138 billion in savings(not likely though),they have still spent $802 billion new dollars. How does this reduce the deficit?You can not reduce the deficit by spending more money, that’s like me saying that I’m going to increase the amount of money in my sving account by spending it.

      Just think about the fact that they are adding in $25 billion in subsidies, we all know that subsidies raise the cost of everything that they are applied to.

  There will be no savings from this bill. The tax payers will pay higher taxes, health care cost will go up, quality of health care will go down, the deficit will explode. 

 President Obama and the Democrats are insane if they think they can put this over on the American citizens and not suffer for it. That or they believe that the majority of the citizens are too stupid to see exactly what this bill is intended to do, and that is to take over a sixth of the nation’s economy and to control every aspect of our lives.

  And as an aside, President Obama has been gathering votes for this bill by promising to move quickly on immigration reform. This comes directly from Rep. Luis Gutierrez D-Ill. who said that he had promised to vote for the health care bill as long as the president promised to advance an immigration bill quickly. People,  do not  underestimate this President, he has a vision and a plan, and health care , education and immigration are the three legs of the stool that is the plan,  and a fascist state is the vision.


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