2010 Census

Well I just got my 2010 Census. I have read through it several times . I am sure that many of you have also gotten yours. I have to say that the second question make me wonder who put this together and also to question their ability to walk and chew gum.

  Question number one: “How many people were living or staying in this house ,apartment,or mobile home on April 1,2010 ?” Okay let me say right now that in my opinion this is the only question that is relevent to the census.

  Question number two: “Were there any (additional) people staying here April 1,2010 that you (did not include) in question 1?” Wow they almost caught me in a lie with that trick question number one.

  Question number three deals with whether my home is owned out right or mortgaged or if I live here for free. Someone explain to me why that matters ?

  Number four request my phone number, I don’t think so !

  Question number five ask you to begin listing each person’s name , number six their sex, number seven asks their age and exact date of birth. None of this is relevant to counting how many “PEOPLE” live in this country.

  Now comes my favorite part, before number eight and nine there is a special note:” please answer BOTH question 8 about Hispanic origin and question 9 about race. For this census, Hispanic origins are not races.”

 I guess Hispanics are about to receive some kind of special treatment, gee I wonder what that could be,hum ?

  And by the way if we are in a post race era as the liberal media told us after Pres. Obama was elected, then why does it matter what race you are ?

 Number ten ask if person number one sometime lives somewhere else, like Mexico maybe .

  Alright I know we are no longer living in the times of the founding of the nation and that a lot has changed. But the census is intended for no other reason than to determine how many people live in the several states so that they can receive adequate representation. Each person is a person. This means that a woman is equal to a man, a child is equal to an adult. But most importantly anyone of any given race is equal to anyone of any other given race. To ask about race is racist in itself.

 The census was not intended to be a survey into how many entitlement programs are needed for any congressional district. It is intended to allow the government to determine whether a state needs to add or remove a congressional district.

 Ask me how many “PEOPLE” live in my home and I will tell you. Ask me anymore and you get nothing. My income or mortgage status has no bearing on my state’s need for additional congressional districts. My race has no bearing, my sex has no bearing, nor does my age .


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