Is It Time ?

   I cannot believe the times that we are living in. I almost understand how a certain segment of the nation felt right before the southern states seceded from the union. I can imagine that they felt as if the federal government was not responsive to their views. They must have felt as if the federal government was over reaching and intrusive . They must have felt as if the federal government was usurping their states rights.

  Let me say right now and without any doubt, I am not in any way calling for armed insurrection. But I do believe that it has come time for the people of this nation, those who still believe that we are ,”endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights”, to rise up and let it be known in no uncertain terms that we are no longer going to stand quietly by and allow those who are in office at the pleasure of the people, to continue to act as if they have sovereign authority .

  How can we as hard-working citizens, citizens who have paid our taxes on time, citizens who have worked to raise our families and buy the things we need and want. How can we be expected to stand by and allow the government that should be there to prevent us from being robbed, to rob us?

  As we watch the health care debate, and the word debate is a joke in this process, as we watch the Democrat controlled congress extirpate the Constitution , we must ask ourselves, how long? How long will we allow this to continue? How far will we allow these people who have demonstrated that they have no respect for the Constitution, that they have no concern for the will of the American citizens, how far will we allow them to steer the nation down the road towards fascism, towards tyranny, and towards the complete destruction of everything that this nation was founded upon ?

  As I watch the daily news , I find myself becoming angry. At first I was angry because everything I was hearing was telling me that the government wanted to steal my money and give it to other people who had not worked for it and who most likely hadn’t worked for anything. But the longer I watch and the more I hear , the more I realize that the government wants to steal something more precious to me then money or life itself. These bastards want to steal the future that I had hoped to leave to my daughter.

  I am not just talking about any material value that I might be able to leave behind, though they certainly are trying to steal that right before my eyes. I am talking about the future of freedom, the same sort of freedom that I knew while growing up. The freedom to decide how she would live, how she would earn her living, how she would raise and educate her children. But these leaches that are currently in office are attempting to steal even that from myself and her.

 Look around you people. We see the federal government with its fingers in every aspect of our lives. They regulate the cars you drive , the houses you live in, the food you eat. Now some people will tell you that these are for your own good, maybe so. The trouble is that once we turned over control for those areas of our lives, we gave the government the path to total control. The health care bill that the Democrats are currently shoving down our throats could be the final piece of the fascist puzzle.

  We are hearing more and more stories about how the expansive government is failing. School districts closing schools because they can no longer sustain the amount of spending that they have cornered themselves into. States on the verge of insolvency, to the point that some of these states are contemplating withholding tax returns. Do you understand what that means? That means that those states over taxed their citizens, and still they are in deficit, and now are not going to return the money .

 People , that is out right theft. That money belongs to the citizens. If the states can delay repaying it, what is to stop them from deciding to not give it back at all ?

 So with all that is currently going on in our federal, state and even local governments, I ask the question, is it time? Is it time to truly march on our capitals? Our state capitals and yes most certainly on Washington D.C. .

  Now I’m not talking about TEA Party marches or 9/12 marches. I’m not talking about anymore organization then to pass the word of mouth. To gather your groups of two, or ten, or a hundred. But to pass the word by mouth or by the Internet, or by talk radio. It is time to just show up in these capitals and on the steps of the Capital Building. No permit required. Don’t ask permission of those who you are there to protest. Just pick a date and go.

  We are citizens of these states and this nation and for now we are free to travel were we will. We have a guaranteed right to have our grievances heard and if they won’t listen to our phone calls and our letters and e-mails, then by God let them hear us as we stand before their monuments of power.


3 Responses to “Is It Time ?”

  1. judson bennett Says:

    Wow–from Key Largo, FL–great article Frank–well done.

  2. Bill Says:

    Frank,one of the things that these characters in Washington seem to forget is that they work for us. I called Mike Castle’s office in Georgetown yesterday and asked if he was going to vote for the Senate bill as presented for the “health care reform.”
    He was going to vote against it.
    Let’s not forget about “cap and tax” vote that Rep Castle voted for even though his constituents wanted him to vote against it………

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Bill, also let’s not forget that right now it is easy for him and other RINOs to be against it, since they are not needed by the Dems. I like to think of the RINOs like Mike Castle as the reserve team for the Democrats. When the Democrats need that one last vote to put them over the top they can always count on the Castles and Snows in congress.
    I predict that this could end up being another of Mr. Castle’s , “I weighed the option of doing nothing and had to vote for this bill”, moments. That was the same excuse that he used for cap and trade and TARP.

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