Working Class Fools

  Well the government is at it again. On Tuesday the commissioner of the IRS announced that the agency would be giving broader discretion to its agents in allowing for what is known as ” an offer in compromise” or a OIC.

  What a OIC is, is an agreement between the IRS and a taxpayer(and I use that term in this case loosely)to settle the taxpayer’s tax liabilities for less than is owed. Of course there are certain criteria that must be met before the taxpayer is allowed to lower the amount they owe. In announcing on Tuesday, the IRS commissioner,Doug Shulman, made it clear that the reason for the change in policy was to allow the agents to make allowances for those taxpayers who have been hit the hardest in the economic down turn, the unemployed.

  So once again the government is sending the message that it is better to be out of work , than it is to have a job and to pay your taxes on time. Just look at how many times the federal government has extended un-employment benefits, they have done this so much as of late, that un-employment has become just another form of welfare. And the whole effort by the left to push through government-run health care for everyone is another example of big government saying to the people, ” don’t worry if you don’t work for a living,big brother will supply you with all you need”.

 The problem is  , while sending this message to the non-productive among us, the message is also being sent to those who are working that you are a fool to keep working. Why work and pay for your own health care ? Why work and pay for your own home? Why work and pay your total amount on your taxes? The message is being sent that we should all just stop working and go on the government ticket.

  Ah ! But there my friends is the rub. We can’t all go on the government ticket. Some of us must continue to work and pay our entire tax liabilities, so that the government can hand out all of the entitlements that it has promised.

  This move by the IRS gives an enormous amount of power to its agents. They will literally have people’s lives in their hands and at their discretion. Imagine the Nazi officer at the train station pointing some to work and some to death.

  First of all this practice of allowing some citizens to pay less than they owe is a tax cut for a certain few after the fact. In my view this is un-constitutional.

  But more importantly, the IRS has just proven a conservative truism, cutting taxes in hard economic times, is beneficial to the citizens who find themselves overburdened under a punitive tax code. If only we could elect people to the congress who understand this concept.

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