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Rep. Castle: Member of the House Financial Services Committee

March 30, 2010


Congressman Michael N. Castle 2009 – 2010


Campaign Finance Cycle: 2010200820062004200220001998Career

Total PAC Money for 2010: $715,850
Number of Contributions: 366

Sectors, 2009-2010  ::  Finance, Insurance & Real Estate  ::  Commercial Banks

American Bankers Assn $10,000
Bank of America $10,000
Bank of New York Mellon $10,000
Barclays Group US $2,000
Citigroup Inc $3,000
Consumer Bankers Assn $2,000
JPMorgan Chase & Co $5,000
PNC Bank National Assn $2,000
Quicken Loans $1,000
US Bancorp $3,000
Wells Fargo $3,000
Wilmington Trust Co $1,500

Based on Federal Election Commission data available electronically on Sunday, March 21, 2010.

Everyone can draw their own conclutions !


Rep. Mike Castle’s Conflict of Interest

March 28, 2010

( For full disclosure I am reprinting this article with this disclaimer. The numbers  used from Open secrets are aggregate, they are compiled from individuals working for or in a specific company or industry. So as in the case of Young, Conaway, it is not the firm as a whole making the contribution,but individuals who work for the firm. If anyone is interested in looking up who the individual contributors  are, here is a link to the FEC page for the 2007-2008 cycle for Mike Castle. =H2DE00072&contCategory =INDIVIDUAL&category =searchCand&searchKeyword=CASTLE  Now it is impossible for myself or anyone to know the reason for each and every contribution, but in my opinion, when you have this much money coming from employees of one law firm or one banking interest to a candidate that sits on the very powerful House Financial Services Committee, there is  good reason for concern of conflict of interest. I will leave it up to the individual voters to make their own decisions).                  Now that we have learned that Christine O’Donnell intends to primary long time Washington insider Rep. Mike Castle (RINO-De) for the Senate seat,  formerly held by even longer Washington insider Joe Biden(unfortunately currently our vice president), there has been questions raised of Ms. O’Donnell’s ability to run a campaign , let alone to make financial decisions on the national scale.

  So, I believe since Mr. Castle’s supporters think it right to bring up past deeds of Ms. O’Donnell, then I would say that Mr. Castle should clean his closet as well.

  Let us start by looking at the 2007-2008 election cycle shall we.

  Here is  a link that show contributions to Mr. Castle for that cycle.

  As you will see, the number one contributor, amounting to 10% of his campaign contributions is the law firm of Young, Conaway. This is a law firm that deals primarily with bankruptcy and corporate restructuring. They contributed $146,915.

  You will also see that Mr. Castle’s next two largest contributors were Bank of America at number two with $27,950 and coming in at #3 was Morgan Stanley with a paltry $14,850.

  Now those last two sound very familiar and may explain Mr. Castle’s yes vote on the TARP legislation. Of course this is exactly the type of voting you would expect from someone whose supporters describe him as a fiscal conservative, right?

  Oh and by the way , for those who don’t know it, Mr. Castle sits on the House Financial Services Committee, you know the one that oversees and regulates banks and the financial sector. But of course I’m sure that Mr. Castle’s supporters will see absolutely no conflict of interest there.

  In the eyes of Mr. Castle’s supporters, this is exactly the kind of experience that we need to send back to Washington in the Senate, to continue the good work that he has been doing in the House for oh so many years. While those who feel as I do , believe that this is exactly why he must be defeated.

  And one last note to those of you out there still clinging to the idea that Mr. Castle is any kind of conservative, in 2009 while serving on the House Financial Services Committee . In a Vote of 39-29 on legislation to create yet another government bureaucracy that would be known as , The Consumer Financial Protection Agency, Mike Castle was the only, as in no other, as in single Republican vote, to vote with, that’s right you guessed it , he voted with the Democrats against all of his so-called fellow Republicans in favor of growing government once again.

 So to all of you out there that are ready to condemn Christine O’Donnell for her mistakes, you may want to consider the fact that Mr. Castle’s actions were conscious decisions.

Liberty or Security ?

March 26, 2010

    During the days of the American Revolution, our Founders were fighting for Liberty. They wished to establish a new nation where every man was free to worship as he saw fit and to prosper from the fruit of his own labor.

  The founders were attempting to break the bonds of King George III. They had lived  under his tyranny and had suffered the thievery of his tax collectors and troops.

  Once they decided that they would no longer live as slaves to the King, they declared their independence with the greatest document ever written, The Declaration of Independence.

  They chose to sacrifice the security that the King offered, for the Liberty guaranteed by their Creator. The King offered the security of his navy to protect the coast of the colonies. The King offered the security of a constant market for their goods and raw materials. The King also offered the colonist the security of never having to make crucial decisions for themselves.

  Now there were many among the colonist that wished to continue under the rule of King George III and the security they perceived that he offered them. They were known as Tories, they were loyal to the King and often would turn in the revolutionaries.

  These Tories wished to continue to lie, as a lap dog, at the feet of the King and to accept whatever scraps he let fall from his bountiful table. Like dogs and other domestic animals these loyalist were more than happy to be patted and thrown a morsel for their acts of treason to the Revolution.

  These loyalist could not dream of the Liberty that the Founders spoke of when rallying citizens to fight . The Founders believed that real security came from the power of the individual , to innovate and to build and to dream. They believed that the stronger each individual was, the stronger the whole was when needed to be.

  Our Founders believed in the power of individual Liberty, to set a person and the nation on a path to greatness. And it has, for over two hundred years.

  Now we come to the present day. We find that far too many of our citizens are seeking security over Liberty. But instead of a man King, they lie at the foot of King Fed the Terrible. They beg him for money for their beaches, they crawl to him for extensions of their un-employment benefits so that they won’t have to worry about finding a job. And maybe worst of all they wish for King Fed to make decisions about their very lives, in respect to their health care.

  These neo-tories feel that the benefits of the so call security of King Fed , far out weigh those of the individual freedoms that this great nation was founded upon. They would have us living once again under the tyranny of a government that does not recognize the power of those individual freedoms. They would have us  suffer the thievery of King Fed’s tax collectors and henchmen .

  But maybe the most reprehensible part about these neo-tories, is that they would turn on their neighbors, they would stand by quietly, or possibly even be active in helping the tax collectors and henchmen steal the fruit of their neighbor’s labor, so that King Fed the Terrible might allow a small scrap fall from its bountiful table.

  These people , these neo-tories , have no idea about the dangerous  path they have chosen. They seek only a sense of security and care not for Liberty. But they do not realize that a tyrant, be it a man or a government, cares not for those which it feeds from, it cares only for that which benefits the tyrant. And will destroy all in an attempt to survive.

  We must, as Liberty loving citizens of this greatest of all nations, once again found this nation. We must teach our children the original intent of the Founders and their documents. We must not fear the loss of security, for without Liberty we are no more than kept dogs, doing the bidding of our master, King Fed the Terrible !!

  I say not Liberty or security, but security through LIBERTY !!!!!!!

Bradley Pleads Not Guilty

March 24, 2010

  Former Lewes, De. pediatrician Earl Bradley pled not guilty today at his arraignment on charges that he molested hundreds of his patients.

  So it would seem that this vile piece of humanity will continue to abuse his former patients and their families by forcing them to endure a trial, where details of the crimes will be a part of the court record.

  I wonder how long before we start hearing about his own victim status. His abusive childhood, his drug and alcohol problems, or his mental illness. Or whatever his attorney can come up with.

  If we can’t get the death penalty for this lowest of creatures, then he should be locked away from society for the rest of his natural life.

  My prayers go out to the children and their parents as they are forced to live through this most horrible ordeal.

Just The Beginning For Obamacare

March 22, 2010

   Many of us who consider ourselves to be conservative are troubled by the passing of Pres. Obama’s health care bill. And don’t fool yourself by thinking that this isn’t his bill  just as much as it is any other Democrat who supported it and voted for it.

   Some of our concerns are truly selfish, that being, how much will this cost me personally. Many of us are parents and grandparents, so we have concerns about how this will affect the futures of our descendents. There is also the patriotic concerns, how will this change the nation that we love, the country that we have grown up in, the democratic system that has served us so well for over two hundred years.

   But my fellow conservatives, this is not the time to hang our heads and admit defeat. No, it is the time to redouble our efforts to defeat this president and the Democrats that have given him this terrible victory. We must not allow this miscarriage of justice to be forgotten by the American citizens. All of us who have the drive to speak out about this and other issues must maintain the pressure on our enemies. And they are our enemies, they who would lay this nation low through their tactics and their goals of nationalizing every major industry are not only the enemy of the individual, they are the enemy of the nation itself.

   If you believe that the vote last night was the finale of this Shakespearean tragedy you are mistaken, it was but the opening act.

  If the democrats are successful in implementing this health care plan they will be on the road to single payer insurance, and of course the government would be in control.

   We know that the government currently determines how much they are willing to pay a doctor who accepts a Medicare or Medicade patient. We also know that Obamacare will reduce the amount that will be paid to doctors. Many doctors and pharmacies are already refusing new Medicare patients and Walgreens has also stated that they will no longer participate . So if the government deepens the cuts , there will be even more doctors and hospitals and pharmacies who will opt out.

  So the question is, how long will the government allow doctors, hospitals and pharmacies to refuse to accept the health insurance that the government has promised the people ?

  How long before the government steps in with new legislation that will mandate that doctors take the insurance and accept whatever value the government places on any particular procedure, and of course they will also mandate pharmacies and hospitals.The price for refusing will be the loss of the right to practice and operate their business. And please don’t anyone try to tell me it can’t happen in America, not after yesterday.

  It won’t stop there, the government can now tie pretty much anything to the cost of health care and mandate and set values. They can tell the manufacturers of medical equipment how much they can charge the hospitals. But take this line of thought even further and the government can tell companies that service hospitals and doctors with goods, such as food venders and cleaning supplies, how much they can charge. All in the interest of keeping health care cost down, because after all , the Democrats have created a brand new right.

  This enemy of freedom must be defeated, we must work to remove the Democrats from office in 2010 and then Pres. Obama in 2012. But more importantly we must do all within our powers to delay and thwart their efforts to completely change this nation from one of Liberty and democracy, into one of tyranny and hopelessness .

The Declaration of Independence

March 22, 2010

  I thought that we conservatives could use a little inspiration, and that the liberals out there could use a little reminder of what this nation was founded upon. This is a link to a copy of the original text, with original spelling and capitalization included. Enjoy and try to remember where we came from. Do we really wish to return to life under tyranny after all of these years of freedom?

America’s Freedom Dies : 219-212

March 22, 2010

   The Democrats have been able to lie, cheat and steal their way to passage of their idea of health care reform. They have made a mockery of the U.S. Constitution, they have lied over and over again about their intentions for passing this disgusting piece of legislation. They have made backroom deals to sway those of their own party who opposed the bill. Most notably Rep. Bart Stupak D-Michigan, who had said for weeks that he would vote no due to language in the bill that will allow federal funding for abortions. He changed his vote at the last-minute based on a letter from Pres. Obama in the form of an executive order stating that no federal money would fund abortions, yeah right. This goes to show why you can’t trust Democrats.

  I just hope that all of those who voted for this bill have a back up plan for a career come November. I also hope that all of you citizens out there who supported this bill can live with yourselves as you watch the nation’s deficit spiral upward, as you watch health care quality spiral downward and as you watch the nation that has been the beacon of freedom for the world for over two hundred years, become just another third world country. Those who support this bill are the most selfish, self-centered people in the world, if they think that it is justice to take that which belongs to one citizen and give it to another who had nothing to do with earning it. That is not justice that is a crime.

  I must say that my faith in the system has been shaken. How can we call ourselves a representative republic, when the nation’s people were screaming no ! And the so-called leaders went right ahead and passed the bill .

  This truly could be then beginning of the end of democracy and freedom in this once proud nation. How can we ever walk this back ? How can we look our children in the face and tell them that they and their children, and their children’s children will be paying for this mistake ?

  May God forgive us, may God help us and may God bless this nation of United States.

May God Help Us !

March 20, 2010

 We are told that tomorrow ,Sunday 21, 2010 , will be the day that we finally have a vote on health care reform.

  After all of the false starts and stops, the maneuvering, the bribery, the Slaughter rule, the deem and pass, after all of this , we will finally have a vote.

  Depending on who is talking, the House Democrats have or don’t have the needed votes to pass this bill into reconciliation. Then the question becomes , does the Senate even have to send the reconciliation bill back to the House, because after the vote and after the President signs the Senate version, it is law.

  It should not be lost on anyone that the President that ran as a uniter, is on the verge of cleaving this nation in two. If this bill is passed, this nation will be divided in a way it has not been since the Civil War. It will become divided with the working , productive tax payers on one side and the non-productive , non-tax paying people on the other. This legislation will pit neighbor against neighbor. It will force one citizen to pay for another citizen’s health care insurance, this will breed contempt.

  I hope that every person will pray to God in their own fashion,( the atheist can just stand in the corner with their arms folded across their chest with that oh so superior look on their faces),that this bill is defeated. And if it is passed then may God help us.

Health Care Reform Stinks:And the Democrats Know It

March 19, 2010

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  That’s right, health care reform stinks and the Democrats know it. Let’s just think about this like logical people for a moment. If you are a Democrat or a Republican who is in favor of this current ten-day old fish that the Obama administration is calling reform, let me ask you some questions , and then you can answer them honestly.

  We are being told by the axis of evil, (that would be Pres. Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid), that this reform will lower health care cost. We are told that it will cut waste and fraud. We are being told that it will insure millions of people who currently have no health care(by the way that is a lie, to be settled another time). We are told that this health care reform is so wonderful that it will be able to lower the deficit while doing all of these other miraculous feats, and that it will not raise taxes , “not a single dime”.

  So I guess that people who feel that they are paying too much for health care are in favor of this reform. I suppose that people who are against waste and fraud, ( and that would be just about everyone , except those wasting and defrauding I suppose), are backing this reform bill. It should go without saying that those who will receive coverage, that currently have none, are all for this bill. And how could anyone be against lowering the deficit without raising taxes ? “Not a single dime.”

  So if there are all of these people in favor of health care reform and if this current bill is so well written. If as the axis of evil is telling us, that this reform is like ice cream with chocolate syrup and nuts and whipped cream. If this reform is going to solve so many of the nation’s troubles, but even more, if it is going to be such a benefit to so many citizens. Then can one , just one of you liberal-minded folks or anyone who supports this idea, can you tell me why participation must be mandated ?

  You would think that if this reform bill was going to do all that the President and the Democrats are saying it will, that people would be lining up around the nation , just to get on the waiting list. But that’s not the case. People are lining up around the nation to protest against it. People are outraged that the Federal government in general and the Democrats in particular would dare to assume that they can make life and death decisions for individuals.

  No my friends , health care reform stinks and the Democrats know it, and they show that they know it stinks by requiring that people join or be fined. Can you imagine someone having to be threatened with a fine to force them to eat a bowl of ice cream? Get real my liberal friends.

Public Apology To My Wife

March 18, 2010

After the release of the health care bill that Pres. Obama and his lackeys in Congress are foisting upon the American citizens, I feel that I owe my wife an apology.

 I have now read and heard that this health care reform bill will cost the nation $940 billion, (so you can bet it will be well over a trillion). There is $25 billion in subsidies for consumers who have never  bought insurance before.

  There is $8 billion for eleven states and D.C. which already meet the bill’s required level of Medicaid.

  There is double counting of Medicare money , there is shifting and hiding and accounting sleight of hand being done, that if a private corporation were to use, they would be hauled before a congressional hearing.

  $525 billion in Medicare cuts. And they are hiding a provision in the bill that will make it law that all Federally guaranteed student loans will now be made only by the government, this will put private banks out of the student loan business. Another case of the Obama administration nationalizing another industry of what has been a private sector industry.

  The bill has some new taxes embedded within it also, like a new Medicare payroll tax on upper income wage earners. Well at least the President and the Democrats haven’t given up on their favorite tactic, class warfare.

  So, we have a bill that will cost over a trillion dollars, and still the Democrats are telling us that it will save us $138 billion over ten years .

  This is where I have to apologize to my wife. For years now she has been coming home after  a shopping spree and telling me that even though she spent $200, she saved us money because everything was on sale for 40% or 50% off. So in her world and evidently the world of Democrats, even though you are spending money you are still able to save money. So to my lovely wife I apologize for not understanding the concept.

 But seriously, do the Democrats really expect us to buy into this bunk ? Let’s for argument sake say that they can somehow find $138 billion in savings(not likely though),they have still spent $802 billion new dollars. How does this reduce the deficit?You can not reduce the deficit by spending more money, that’s like me saying that I’m going to increase the amount of money in my sving account by spending it.

      Just think about the fact that they are adding in $25 billion in subsidies, we all know that subsidies raise the cost of everything that they are applied to.

  There will be no savings from this bill. The tax payers will pay higher taxes, health care cost will go up, quality of health care will go down, the deficit will explode. 

 President Obama and the Democrats are insane if they think they can put this over on the American citizens and not suffer for it. That or they believe that the majority of the citizens are too stupid to see exactly what this bill is intended to do, and that is to take over a sixth of the nation’s economy and to control every aspect of our lives.

  And as an aside, President Obama has been gathering votes for this bill by promising to move quickly on immigration reform. This comes directly from Rep. Luis Gutierrez D-Ill. who said that he had promised to vote for the health care bill as long as the president promised to advance an immigration bill quickly. People,  do not  underestimate this President, he has a vision and a plan, and health care , education and immigration are the three legs of the stool that is the plan,  and a fascist state is the vision.