Get Out Your Piggy Banks

  That’s right, it’s time to break open those piggy banks and help the state of Delaware to solve all of its fiscal problems.

   The state Senate has passed HB310 which will allow table games to be played at existing casinos in Delaware. HB310 was introduced on Jan. 15th,2010 and fastracked through both houses in thirteen days. The bill passed the House of Representative by a vote of 27-5, and then passed the Senate by a vote of 15-4.

  I am glad to say that my own state Senator Joe Booth was in opposition to the bill. In a quote made to the Cape Gazett Sen. Booth stated, “I have a problem with balancing the state budget on the gaming industry, like slots. I am very concerned that with the amount of cash that changes hands in those particular games, and with Delaware being a small state, we’ll have to watch out for corruption. I just don’t think it’s in our states best interest to become an Atlantic City or Las Vegas.”

  Of course Gov. Markell and House Majority Leader Pete Schwartzkopf are selling this latest expansion of gambling as the end all, to our economic woes.  Now they can continue to push for even more locations in which to install this form of taxation they call gaming.

  First let me say once more that I do not believe that the projected revenue that supporters of gambling expansion use to sell their bill of goods , will ever be seen. If they were, then we wouldn’t need to expand gambling in form or locations. In these economic times some people may attempt to make that illusive “BIG SCORE”, and also may gamble away their family’s future. But I believe that most right thinking people in hard economic times will hold back and save their money and not go out to the state run casinos and throw their money away , just so the state government can continue to throw their money away on  growing the size and scope of government.

 I would ask both Gov. Markell and Rep. Schwartzkopf, have you ever considered cutting spending to solve the revenue issue, instead of always trying to expand gambling?

  So I guess Gov. Markell and Rep. Schwartzkopf’s message to the citizens of Delaware is, ” Help the state of Delaware and break open those piggy banks, spend your kid’s inheritance ,spend your mortgage, spend your car payment,just so long as you spend it at a government run casino, so that we in Dover can continue to spend.”

  And let me close with this,if you feel the urge to help the state to balance the budget by going out to the casinos and gambling, why don’t you just drive to Dover and go up to the steps of Leg. Hall and throw a hand full of cash on the ground. You have about as much chance of winning something back that way as you do winning at the casinos.


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