More Of The Same

 Last night’s “State of the Union Address” by Pres. Obama was just more of the same.

 The president called for more bank bail outs if needed, more of a push for government health care, and more so called “GREEN” economy.

  But mostly what the president was calling for, was more and more government. I lost track of the times that the president explained what the government was going to do to solve the problems of the nation. How government would put people back to work, how the government would create innovation.

  Pres. Obama even tried to sell the American people on the fact that his administration and the current Democrat run congress hadn’t raised taxes. Well in my opinion , since they allowed the Bush tax cuts to sunset they did raise taxes.

  Of course we got more of the usual, “when I took office”, you know the blame it all on the former administration. Will this president ever grow up and understand that he now owns this nation’s faltering economy and un-employment ?

  President Obama could have just come out and told the American people that in his view everything was right on track according to his agenda. More people were being forced to turn to government hand outs due to the fact that the president’s agenda was ruining the economy. Of course that wouldn’t have taken seventy minutes and he wouldn’t have been able to stand up there with his chin stuck out and accepted all of the Democrat applauds.

  No real mention about the war on terror, no mention about detainees being tried in criminal courts in the U.S.. No mention of the Fort Hood shootings and no mention of the underwear bomber.

 But he did take the opputunity of the State of the Union to call the Supreme Court out on its recent decision concerning campaign financing. This was a dangerous attack on a separate branch of government and ment as intimidation. It was also not the time nor the place to do so. It showed his total lack of respect for the court and its role in governing.

  So according to Pres. Obama, the state of the union is basically , status quo and full steam ahead with his socialization of the United States of America.

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