What We Really Need Part I

   It never fails , every time we start talking about who should or shouldn’t run for any given office, invariably we get someone who throws out the accusation that a person is not qualified for the office.

  Let’s take Christine O’Donnell for example. Those of us who support her for her run for U.S. Senate believe that her stated stance on issues important to us make her a great candidate. We believe that she has demonstrated courage in standing up for and sticking to her principles on hot button topics such as abortion. We also feel that her positions on national security and the economy are in line with our own.

  I personally feel that the only “QUALIFICATION” for elected office is to meet any requirements in either the U.S. Constitution or state constitutions. No one is born an expert on anything. We learn from our life experiences and from studying.

  I have found that what most people mean when they talk of political experience is, has the person kissed the right rings of any given political party’s leadership? Has the would be candidate paid their so called dues to the party?

 We often hear the party elite talk of their long hours making phone calls for other candidates, or how they stuffed envelopes . These are important things, and the people who have done them are an important part of any political party. But does making phone calls or stuffing envelopes qualify a person to hold an office?

  We also hear a lot of talk about how someone like Ms. O’Donnell should not run for the Senate because she needs experience first. We are told that she should run for some “LOWER” office first and work her way up . Well I happen to believe that there are no “LOWER” offices, only low people.  Really what do we gain from having a  motivated candidate such as Ms. O’Donnell work her way up through the ranks of the party and government. Well what we most often get from this practice are political leaders who learn how to work the system and how to get re-elected. We get jaded candidates who have forgotten why they originally ran for office to begin with.

 I would prefer to have a person run for and win an office whose only motivation is the betterment of the nation. I would prefer a person who was a janitor or teacher or any hard working person yesterday, and my senator today. I am tired of the party elite, I am tired of career politicians.

  So what we really need are fresh faces, with fresh ideas. We need to move away from the tired old men trying to cap off their political careers with one more feather in their cap. And if need be, we need to move away from the parties that are no longer responsive to our views.


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