You Wanna Bet ?

 Well the Delaware State House of Representatives have jumped the shark. They have passed a bill to move forward with table games . This is another move to expand gambling in the state.

  We have recently seen a push to expand gambling by adding sports betting, a failed attempt I might add. We have been told by Rep. Schwartzkopf that we need to add at least two more casinos in the state. And now they want us to go along with the final move, but what I believe was the goal all along, table games.

  I could go into the fact that it is wrong for the state to be involved in any endeavor which it then has to turn around and warn people, that it may be harmful.

 I could speak about the fact that gambling in the state, be it lottery, slots, sports betting and now table games has been a complete failure in my view due to the fact that it is never enough. No matter how much revenue is brought in, the legislature manages to over spend and then tells us we need only expand gambling again to solve the short fall.

  I could talk of how unlimited expansion of gambling will lead to crime and a blight on the state. Do the people of Delaware really want to live in Atlantic City or Las Vegas ? I know I don’t.

  I could list all of those things, but let me talk about what motivates so many people, money ! We are told that we must do this or we will lose the possible revenue to surrounding states. So what? Let them have it and all of the trouble that goes with it. Lets face it, this argument is ment to make us believe that we would be losing something that we already have. That is not the case.

  Currently we are being told that table games “COULD” bring in “POSSIBLY” as much as forty million dollars. There we go again  basing our decisions on projections. Think about how they based the current budget on sports betting projections, even before they had settled the law suit that eventually went against the state and cut the actual revenue by more than half and has put us immediately into a deficit.

  So they are now telling us that the state can earn forty million, again I ask , so what ? Is it worth the cost ? We will need to expand the size of government to be able to run and police the activities.

  But lets get down to the real issue here. Those who propose the continual expansion of gambling tell us that it will bring more people to the state and in turn be good for businesses already operating in the state. Really?

  Lets think logically about this. For the most part I don’t see Delaware bringing in the “whales” or big spenders , but even if we do, for the most part we are attempting to attract the families who will gamble and then go to the outlets and the beaches to spend more of their money. This at least is the stated goal of those in favor of expansion.

  But will this be the case ? I think not. I think that people who come to gamble for the most part will spend their money gambling  and then leave. Even if they may have come with the intention of doing other things within the state, the lure of gambling will cause them to spend even that money at the casinos. Now those in favor of expansion will say that this is a good thing , but is it ?

  I believe that expanding gambling in Delaware will actually be bad for the private sector. Money that might well have been spent at local stores and restaurants will now be spent at the gaming tables. This will increase the revenue from gambling for the state possibly, but will lower revenue from the stores and restaurants, making expansion a push at best.

 So who really benefits from the expansion of gambling ? Well the people who wish to grow the size of government of course. To expand gambling we must expand the number of state employees in a state where the state is already the largest employer. And of course those new state employees will have some sense of loyalty to those who gave them the job, so I guess some legislators may benefit at the ballot box.

 In my opinion however, the entire state will lose if we continue to expand gambling. We will lose what has made our state such a popular vacation destination for all of these years, we will lose our small town appeal. We will become just another Atlantic City or Las Vegas. So I will ask again, how many of you would want to live in Atlantic City or Las Vegas ? And would you want to live next to a casino right here in Delaware ? I know I wouldn’t.


2 Responses to “You Wanna Bet ?”

  1. Chris Slavens Says:

    “I could go into the fact that it is wrong for the state to be involved in any endeavor which it then has to turn around and warn people, that it may be harmful.”

    It’s certainly hypocritical. It’s kind of like criticizing cigarette smokers, while simultaneously profiting from taxes on tobacco.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Chris, don’t forget that the state will also tell us that they are using the tax dollars to help pay health care cost , you know for things like cancer. So if smoking and the other evils are so evil then why not outlaw them? We know that many people will ruin their live because of gambling , should the state be profitting from its own citizen’s mis-fortune?

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