Are They Paying Attention ?

    Well, well, in a state such as Massachusetts, where no one would have expected a Republican to win out over a Democrat for a U.S. Senate seat. A seat formerly held by that liberal lion Ted Kennedy no less. And one that saw Pres. Obama and former Pres. Clinton come to the state to try and drum up support. But that is exactly what has happened.

  Fifty year old Massachusett’s state Senator Scott Brown has defeated the Democrat Martha Coakley in a race that Coakley was leading by double digits early in the race. It would seem that the race turned bad for Ms. Coakley on Christmas eve , when her fellow Democrats in D.C. decided to push through a health care reform bill that a majority of Americans are against.

  This race was important to the Democrats and Pres. Obama because it constitutes that most important 60th vote in the Senate, that they need to over ride any attempt by Republicans to block legislation.

 More importantly though, this victory for Scott Brown continues to demonstrate that the American people are fed up with the leftist agenda of the Democrat party. We saw two governor races go to Republicans in the last election, one in the Democrat strong hold of New Jersey no less. With this trend I would imagine John Kerry won’t be sleeping very well for some time.

  In the coming days , actually it has already started, we will hear a lot about how the Democrats should take this as a warning.  Some may ask are they paying attention to what is happening in the nation. Are the Democrats aware of the ground swell of support for candidates that support a more traditional and conservative agenda and policies ?

 Well I would ask whether the GOP leadership is paying attention to the same things. Are they seeing that people will no longer support candidates who have a proven record of supporting policies that increase the size and scope of government. Will the GOP party wonks come out and defend the RINOs as they have in the past? Will we still hear from the left side of the GOP how we should moderate and move further to the middle? Will we be told that only these so called moderates can win elections?

  It would be a shame if the GOP leadership allowed this moment in time to slip away because they choose to cling to their old worn out ideas of how to win elections . We are seeing around the nation that it is the new faces, the more conservative faces, that are setting the Democrats back on their heals. The GOP needs to take advantage of this and strike while the iron is hot. Republicans voters need to voice their discontent with weak middle of the road candidates .


5 Responses to “Are They Paying Attention ?”


    “Republicans voters need to voice their discontent with weak middle of the road candidates” .

    Frank, Are you actually suggesting that Scott Brown is a conservative? Indeed he won in Massechusetts which is wonderful in my opinion, however his politics and voting record as a state senator are way to the left of Mike Castle.

    Let’s take back both houses, get the majority, then undo the damage.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    “Let’s take back both houses, get the majority, then undo the damage.” That’s like saying , put the fox in the hen house , let him eat all of the chickens, and when he’s done ,we’ll raise foxes.

  3. Bill Says:

    Frank…LOVE the comments! Bill from the MDR!

  4. Bill Says:

    Judson, Scott Brown is going for what his constituents want regardless of what the party wants. Imagine that?

  5. frankknotts Says:

    Thanks Bill, hope you stop by and comment more. I was on a working hiatus for a month or so, but hope to be posting regularly again now.

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