Shaun Fink Annouces

   Shaun Fink, who is fairly well known here in Sussex county for his weekly one hour appearances on the Bill Colley Show on WGMG, but also for his work with the Sussex County GOP, made a rather big announcement Monday on WGMD.

  Mr. Fink, who worked on both of the recent special election campaigns for Joe Booth and Ruth Briggs King, both successful runs to fill vacant seats we might note, has made it known that there are big things in his future as well.

  It has long been a topic of conversation whether Mr. Fink would run for office himself. Also the question persisted of which office he would seek. Many felt he would be a challenger for the 41st Representative District, now held by the popular John Atkins . Mr. Atkins it is worth noting is the recently converted Democrat who won back the seat of the 41st, an office he had held as a Republican. Since Mr. Atkins is fairly conservative in his own right, and Mr. Fink also is of  a right leaning philosophy, a race between the two would have been quite interesting.

 There were also rumors that Mr. Fink could possibly run for the U.S. Representative seat now held by Mike Castle,  who has decided he can do more damage as a U.S. Senator. This was a long shot for Mr. Fink at best.

 I have talked with Mr. Fink many times about GOP policy and our views of conservatism. Mr. Fink is well versed and intelligent . He is comfortable addressing audiences and has an easy , quiet way of getting his point across. And while he and I may not agree 100% on all issues , I do believe that Shaun Fink is a good man and would have made a principled candidate and representative of the people.

 Sadly, the announcement that Mr. Fink made was not that he would be seeking elected office. I must admit that I as a conservative am dissapointed . At a time when we as conservatives seem to be making ground against the liberal tide, to lose the possibility of a conservative candidate such as I feel Shaun would have been, is a loss to the conservative cause.

 But Shaun assures us in his announcement that he is not lost to the conservative cause but will now be a champion of conservatism.

 Shaun Fink announced Monday that he has been selected to be the executive vice president of the Caesar Rodney Institute. He stated that this position will require him to travel the state to speak to groups and to put forth the ideals of smaller government, lower taxes, and individual initiative and responsibility.

 C R I is a non partisan group that has taken on the state of Delaware on issues such as health care in the prison system. The group sees itself as a watch dog organisation for open government, but also as a source of information for the people. It will be Mr. Fink’s job to speak on behalf of the C R I group and to get the message out to the people.

  Again let me say what a loss I feel that this is for the people of the state, to have a person who could have been another conservative voice within the government , to decide to be just another voice outside the government. That being said I wish Shaun Fink all the best in this new endeavor and am sure the he will do good things for the C R I group and also for the state of Delaware.

 Good luck Shaun !


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