Coming Events !

 I realize that I have had to make this same statement several times, but my paying job at this time of year truly does take up most of my time. Add in this global warming weather and it has been a little crazy at work. It is not for the faint of heart.

  I have been attempting to come here and respond to any comments made by readers, and let me thank visitors, Jud Bennett and smackdabon, for their input and comments.

 I hope in the near future to be posting an article that I have been running around in my mind for some time about voter reform and the benefits of it. I also will be bringing you more examples of Rep. Castle’s complete disconnect from the conservative voters and the GOP.

 I know that there are a lot of issue out there , and I wish I had the time to address them all, but for someone such as myself who advocates hard work and individual responsibility, well supporting my family and living up to my obligations at work must come first.
 I hope that those of you who have become regular visitors will continue to check the site , and I promise to get something new up very soon.

 Thank you and God bless the United States.


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