Permitted ?

   I have thought lately about all the marches on Washington D.C.  by conservative groups.

  We have had several gatherings of groups such as the TEA PARTY and the 9/12 Group. They have organized separately and together to go to the nation’s capital and to voice their opposition to many of the things that our current president and Democrat controlled congress are attempting to do.

 These organizations and many smaller ones have gathered support from around the nation. They have called on citizens to travel to the capital and to demonstrate their growing discontent with the direction the country  is headed in. And their call to action has been answered by millions of people .

 We have seen patriots show up on days that have been extremely hot and days that have been cold. They came because they felt strongly that it was the right thing to do. I solute them and thank them for their sacrifice of time and energy. I  have not been able to go on one of these marches due to my work schedule. I regret this very much.

  What shocks me the most about these marches , is the fact that these groups,such as the TEA PARTY have been forced to apply for a permit to be allowed to come to the nation’s capital city. Why?

  Why must citizens of the United States of America apply for a permit to travel to their own capital city ? Well it is clearly a way for the government to control the size and the location of any demonstrations.

  Well let me tell all of you out there who are not already aware of it , we all have a permit to go to D.C. and to demonstrate, it’s called the 1st Amendment.

 ” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”.

 Notice the part about the right of the people peaceably to assemble. This means that we as citizens can assemble anywhere we want as long as we do it peaceably.

  So what is my point here? Well maybe it is time we stop playing by the rules of those who would rule us. Maybe it is time we start dealing with these people in government, in the way our founders saw fit to empower us to. As individual citizens we have the right to travel to our nations capital . We have the right to contact our leaders on a one to one basis. These rights should not and do not change merely because a million or more people happen to agree with us.

  History has shown us that civil disobedience works. It worked for Gandhi, it worked for Martin Luther King Jr. and it worked for the anti-war movement.

  Let us take a page from their books and instead of notifying the government ahead of time, maybe what we need is a more underground movement.

  Suppose people organized quietly to show up in the nation’s capital on a day when the powers that be were not expecting them . Without prior notification and without asking permission. Just show up in the thousands, maybe in the millions. Just come in the same as any tourist would . By train or bus or on foot.  Imagine shutting down the capital. What would the police do ? Well I suppose they could ask the people to leave. And if they wouldn’t, then what ?What if the people just sat down?

 Would the police begin to use night sticks and shields on the people. Would they drag some sixty something grandma off to a police van to be hauled down to the station and booked ? Imagine that image on Fox News.

  It is time that we the citizens, make it clear that we are the ones in charge of this nation. We must show that those we choose to send to D.C. are accountable to us and will answer to us. We will not be made to stand at the door of the masters bed chamber and ask permission to enter.

 Those hallowed halls of the Capital Building and the White House belong to all citizens of this nation. The streets of Washington D.C. should be the exact place we  go when we wish to demonstrate our discontent with those who  act as if we are their subjects. It is time we remind them that they serve at the pleasure of the people.


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    Do you really think its OK to shut down the capital by any group just because you agree with what they stand for? Why not the KLU Klux Clan or the Arian Nation? Or the United Arab League? Or the Athiests of America? Or the Black panthers? Even though I happen to agree with the Tea Parties, nobody should be able to shut down a city. The 1st amendment does not allow that which is why permits are required. It has been ruled on several times by the Supreme Court. Free Speech is a protected right, but not when it takes away other’s rights–like being able to get to a hospital. Yeah -shut down Washington-Great idea Frank ???? How about yelling bomb on an airplane or fire in a theater?

  2. frankknotts Says:

    “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”, it doesn’t say how many . And if our leaders are going to ignore the protest that they choose to allow through the permitting process, well then maybe more drastic measures are required. I’m just talking about a million or so people deciding to visit the Capital on the same day, who happen to feel the same way about some very important issues and if they happen to bump into each other on the steps of the Capital Building, so what ? Did our founders ask permission ? No they declared their independence. Well it is time that we again declare our independence. “How about yelling bomb on an airplane or fire in a theater?” No, but how about shouting that we are as mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore !!! in front of the White House ?
    I don’t know if Martin Luther King Jr. applied for permitts , or if Gandhi applied for permits, you tell me. As for the groups you named , well they are citizens and as such are afforded the same rights as every other American citizen, and if they choose to march on D.C. and do it without violence , then they are protected by the Constitution the same as the TEA Party and 9/12 groups. We have sat back quietly for far too long and tried to play by the rules as defined by those who are interested only in securing their power. It is time that we as citizens demand representation, and if it takes a march on the capital to get their attention, then so be it.


    An organized Peaceful March is fine, but you need a permit for safety reasons , so that traffic can be kept open for emergencies, etc, etc, etc. The Tea Parties and the 9-12 groups made a great impression and did it under the law without disrupting the rights of others. How would you feel if your daughter had an emergency and you couldn’t get her to the hospital because of an illegal demonstration that blocked the streets?? It happened to a friend of mine in the Wilmington riots right after King was assasinated. He pulled a gun and threatened to kill a few of them is how he got through to the hospital. Otherwise his daughter would have surely died. Sure an illegal demonstration makes an impression, but at the risk of innocent folks who could die as a result? I’m all for marching on Washington, but with a permit so everybody is safe. I see nothing wrong with that. It still makes the point and the authorities (police, ambulances, etc) are prepared for the protection of all.

  4. frankknotts Says:

    “The Tea Parties and the 9-12 groups made a great impression and did it under the law without disrupting the rights of others. ” And they were ignored by congress !
    “How would you feel if your daughter had an emergency and you couldn’t get her to the hospital because of an illegal demonstration that blocked the streets?? It happened to a friend of mine in the Wilmington riots right after King was assasinated.” Are you saying the rioters should have applied for a permit ?And that was anything but a peaceful demonstration.
    I know that there are many among us who believe that we must continue to do things the same old way , with the same old faces and the same old ideas. But at some point we must realize that the same old way isn’t working, the same old faces are lying to us and the same old ideas are just old ideas that didn’t work. I’m not talking about burning down buildings or turning over cars or throwing rocks and bottles, I am talking about civil disobedience, note the word civil.

  5. Chris Slavens Says:

    “Why not the KLU Klux Clan or the Arian Nation? Or the United Arab League? Or the Athiests of America? Or the Black panthers?”

    Excellent question. Why not? Hate speech is still free speech; the day the government is allowed to decide which kind of speech is allowed and which kind is not, is the day that the First Amendment ceases to be.

    The idea that the government is able to require a permit for the assembly of concerned citizens is downright disturbing. Suppose the permit isn’t granted? Suppose the tea party movement is banned from Washington?

    One would think we were discussing anti-communist demonstrations in the Soviet Union, from the way it sounds.

  6. Chris Slavens Says:

    Incidentally, that would be “Ku Klux Klan,” “Aryan Nation,” and “Atheists.” I quoted exactly in my above comment.


    Thanks for the spelling lesson.

  8. Chris Slavens Says:

    My point was the importance of free, uncensored speech.



    I agree with free uncensored speech. However, Frank in his original post wanted to close down the capital and was camplaining about the permit. Police, ambulances, etc— permited locations–controlled order are all part of peaceful demonstrations in major cities. the Supreme Court has ruled on this. To achieve all this properly, a permit is required. You don’t suddenly have 1,000,000 people show up in Washington , DC and disrupt the city. Free speech, does not have the right to impede my 1st and 4th amendment rights by blocking a street so I can’t get to a hospital if needed. That was my point.

  10. frankknotts Says:

    Chris’s point and mine also is that the government should not have the power to tell free citizens when and where they can assemble to show their dicontent with the very government that holds the power to deny them the right and to asssign them to some back street away from the seats of power. And I must admit I’m not sure how your first and fourth amendment rights would be impeded by me and a million people showing up to voice our opinion in the capital of our nation.

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