Carper Knows Best

Sen. Tom Carper (D-De) was a studio guest on The Bill Colley Show on local talk radio station WGMD on Monday afternoon.

 The hot topic with callers to the show was of course health care. As you can most likely guess, the callers were a majority against health care reform that is currently being rushed through congress. This seemed to have little or no effect on the Senator.

  As he is known for, the Senator would take a question from a caller or from the host and then proceed to give a three or four-minute response that could not in any way be mistaken for an answer. Oh, he speaks in very even and measured tones that reminds one of Ward Cleaver talking to the Beaver, you know the tone that says,” I am your father and I know what is best for you, even if you don’t .”

 It didn’t matter how many callers, or let me say citizens, expressed their opposition to health care reform. Sen. Carper would simply return to his talking points and explain how we the people didn’t get it.

  He was arrogant and condescending, but in the most polite way. Several times he listed his re’sume’. He spoke of his service in the Navy, which I respect. By the way he must have been a free diver, this would explain his ability to speak for so long without taking a breath. He also mentioned several times his college education and his background in economics. In my opinion this was done to send the message that he again knows more than we do about our own needs.

  It was this attitude that prompted me to call in and ask several questions of the Senator. I first gave him my name and asked if he knew me, he chuckled and started to answer that he knew a lot of Franks, so I answered for him and told him he did not know me. Next I asked him if he knew my health care needs, again he began to fall back to his talking points, so I again answered that he did not know my health care needs. My third question was whether he knew what I could or could not afford in the way of health care, by this time he was completely off his game, so I launched into my statement which was that, he did not, and since he knew none of these things, what made him think that he and his ilk in Washington should decide how I and others would best be served. I closed with the statement of “get government out of my way, don’t get in my way”.

  After I had hung up the phone and turned up the radio I heard the Senators response to my call , which consisted of him saying, “that was a nice call from Frank”. Again merely dismissing the point that I was against health care because, well because the Senator Carpers of the world know best. They see themselves as the parents of children who cannot yet take care of themselves. They see it as their duty to manage our lives so that we don’t make costly mistakes and because they have been elected by people who in some case wish them to, well they feel they have the right to micro manage all of our lives.

 The Senator spent an hour in studio with Bill Colley and took numerous calls on the health care issue. He gave his lame arguments why the country should welcome this so-called reform. But in that hour he never once acknowledged that some of the callers fears had any bases, he never once admitted that there was even the chance that this might not be the best thing for all of the citizens of the country, he never once gave any indication that he understood that many would actually be hurt if this health care legislation were to pass. He merely kept to his talking points, why ? Well because  Sen. Carper and his ilk know what is best for the poor misguided citizens that elected them.

 I wish I could take credit for this but it was another caller to the station who spoke these words after the Senator had left. The caller said that while Sen. Carper was speaking , on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on, okay I added a few on and ons, that all he was hearing from the Senator was , “let them eat cake”. Well I have to say that pretty much sums up the attitude of far too many of our elected officials and it certainly describes Sen. Carper’s appearance on The Bill Colley Show.


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