Blind Spot

  It would seem that the current administration has a blind spot when it comes to national security, as demonstrated by the lapse in security in regards to the Christmas Day attempted bombing of Delta Airlines flight 253.

  The bomber was allowed to board an international flight from Amsterdam to Detroit with chemicals, that when combined created the potential for a bomb. If not for the quick actions of passengers the bomber may have been successful in his attempt to detonate the bomb during the approach to Detroit.

  Now some will ask how is the fact that this terrorist was allowed to board a flight in Amsterdam proof that the Obama administration is failing on national security. That is a fair enough question.

  Let’s start with the most basic reason, the American Embassy in Nigeria was informed by the bomber’s father that his son had been radicalized. For whatever reason this information did not cause Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to be placed on the do not fly list , even though he was already on the watch list. I believe that there is an attitude in this administration,from the top down that the war on terror is a secondary issue.

 I would also ask why is our Secretary of State not contacting every country around the world where international flights originate and fly into the U.S., and demanding that they adhere to the most stringent security measures, or face having all flights cancelled to and from the U.S. . And I do not mean after the fact!

 Again I would see this as ,this administration having a blind spot when it comes to national security.

  This president has been so focussed on the economic takeover of the nation’s health care industry, that he has not seen fit to tackle the real danger of terrorist attacking this country. In fact, it would seem that he is actively working to make it easier for the terrorist. This is either complete incompetence or intentional.

 The President has yet to back off of his stated goal of closing Gitmo, even though we now know that this bomber was trained in Yemen by Al-Qaida and that the Yemen Al-Qaida has been strengthened by terrorist released from Gitmo.

 The President wishes to try terrorist in a civilian court of law instead of military courts. This would lead to terrorist being given equal right as those of citizens,this would weaken our ability to prosecute these terrorist and encourage more like them.

  So, what can, or what should a president be doing in a situation such as we find ourselves in?

  Well I would suggest that Sec. of State Clinton be despatched immediately to the Netherlands to ensure that they get the message that this is un-acceptable. Then through the State Department I would work around the world to ensure that other countries are doing everything possible to screen for bombs and bombers.

 But most importantly a president is the leader of the adminstration, it is a president’s duty to project that which they feel is a priority. This being said , a president cannot be so focussed on domestic issues, such as taking over private industries, that he or she fails to recognise the danger of outside forces. The president must be working through his cabinet secretaries on all issues that concern the nation, be it domestic or foreign.

 I personally feel that Pres. Obama has failed to show any real concern for national security as it pertains to the war on terror.  I feel that he is so determined to steal private  industries away from citizens of this nation that he has given no time to fighting the real enemies of theU.S. .

 When Pres. Obama was then, candidate Obama , he made the statement that he could walk and chew gum at the same time, meaning that a president must be able to handle multiple crisis at the same time. Well Mr. President, it’s time for you to prove that you can. So far your domestic policies seem to be intended to ruin our economy, are your foreign policies or the lack there of also intended for failure ?


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